Playoff Thoughts

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person left that doesn’t want a college football playoff, but it appears I’ll be out of luck once the current BCS contract ends and a four-team playoff is implemented. At this point it seems like the only thing left to decide is the format, a question that’s been creating all kinds of hate and discontent lately. Nick Saban accusing others of being self-serving while making his own self-serving argument? It must be Wednesday.

The two most popular ideas being tossed around are the “four best teams” plan favored by the SEC, and the “conference champion” plan that was offered by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney. The way the latter would work is that the top four conference champions would be selected out of a pool of the top six teams. If there aren’t four conference champions within the top six, the remaining spots would be filled by at-large teams within that group. This is the plan supported by the Big East.

It seems like picking the four best teams is the obvious answer, but it really isn’t. Think about it for a second. The rallying cry of playoff supporters has always been that the national champion should be “determined on the field.” Relying on some BCS ranking system to pick who gets to participate wouldn’t serve that purpose any more with four teams than it does with two. Deciding the “best” is subjective. Deciding conference champions is not. There is going to be a subjective element in the selection process because of who gets ranked in the top six, but the best way to minimize it and have the national champion truly decided on the field is to give selection priority to conference champions.

4 thoughts on “Playoff Thoughts

  1. tphuey

    Conf Champs is the only solution that makes sense. Why would a runner up in a conference be able to compete for a National Championship, when they couldn’t even win their conference? Hate what happened last year, with Alabama.

    1. Because like it has always been with the BCS, the goal is not to produce the best on-field solution. Alabama wasn’t even the SEC runner-up.

  2. Dave69

    Based upon recent history, I believe that many/most SEC fans figure that if they use the best 4 format, the SEC will regularily have two teams in the mix. Those against that format probably see the same possibility and are trying to avoid it. I also agree that if you can’t win your conference championship, you don’t deserve to be one of the four playing for a national championship. (If the playoffs were somehow expanded to 16 teams, my opinion would change. If it were 8 teams, I would be on the fence.)

  3. pills91

    With all the conference consolidation going on, being a conference champ would have real meaning. You have to win your division, then when a conference championship game just to make the playoffs.

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