Links 6/7

– CBS has announced a partial 2012 TV schedule for football. We’ve known for a while now that Navy’s match-ups against Notre Dame and Air Force are going to be on CBS with morning kick-off times. The big news here for Navy fans is that the Army-Navy game will kick-off at 3pm EST.

I have to disagree with Sal here. It’s not a weird time. It puts kickoff at noon PST, making it that much more attractive to viewers west of the Mississippi. We all know the game got a bump by shifting to the weekend after conference championships. Perhaps we can get a few more viewers with this slight adjustment (last year the kickoff was at 2:30pm EST). With the Big East TV deal looming, any boost in Army-Navy ratings now will deliver more TV dollars later.

– Navy Baseball had two players drafted in this year’s MLB draft. The Blue Jays selected outfielder Alex Azor in the 10th round – putting him as the highest drafted Navy player of all time – while the Brewers took pitcher Preston Gainey in the 11th round.

– Navy’s Zack Duncavage, a Youngster, placed 16th in the discus at the NCAA track and field championships this week. His finish nets him 2nd team All-American honors.

– Finally, this one slipped through the cracks at the beginning of the week, but bears mention. The Navy Men’s Lightweight Four won the IRA National Championship this past weekend in Camden, NJ. This was the final feather in the cap of Coach Rick Clothier, who has retired after leading the crew program for 38 years.

6 thoughts on “Links 6/7

    1. yup – such is the price we pay to get on national TV…but it IS a noon kickoff in Newfoundland…need to lock down the Atlantic Provinces!

  1. 81Zoltan

    Regarding Army-Navy at 1200 PDT: Its easier to convince yourself the sun is over the yardarm when it is actually over the yardarm.

  2. DotBone89

    Even with the later kickoff, the CBS basketball game ( the early odds are it is again Kentucky ) will still bleed over, because the last 5 min of game time will consume 45 min of actual time. And they wonder why COLLEGE BASKETBALL SUCKS anymore!

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