Postgame Haiku, Vol. 58

Hot tub? Don’t have one.
Yet somehow I find myself
In 2002.


13 Responses

  1. Turnovers galore
    Key penalties and drops too
    Nothing good today

  2. We play just like a
    Jittery typewriter ! Not
    well oiled machine

  3. What did I just watch?
    Brutal two weeks in a row,
    Long season ahead.

  4. Just squint your eyes
    Turn on the Ga Tech game
    And pretend it’s Navy
    Same colored jerseys

    • what is going on
      how do people still not get
      proper haiku form

  5. seven points derived from
    5 trips inside the thirty
    isn’t gonna work

  6. It could have been worse.
    Who am I trying to kid?
    That was terrible.

  7. A fun atmosphere
    And a huge, electric crowd
    Made the trip worthwhile

    But Navy mistakes
    And untimely penalties
    Spoiled the afternoon

  8. third youngest in land
    Penn State team too athletic
    brain dead plays kill chance

  9. Two games in equals
    unhappy arithmetic
    points for, points against.

  10. some said 9 and 3
    Benatar sings “we are young”
    VMI any good?

  11. This year and last year
    Players are Coach Ken’s recruits
    So far 5 and 9.

  12. First anonymous
    Post is mine. iPad wasn’t
    Logged in at the time.

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