Big East before 2015?

Not to be overlooked from the weekend’s news is this report that Big East commissioner Mike Aresco intends to talk to Navy about joining earlier than the original 2015 target; an idea to which Chet Gladchuk responds, “SIR NO SIR.” I assume that Aresco’s interest in bringing Navy into the fold sooner than originally planned is related to television contract negotiations. However, considering everything with scheduling and television contracts that Navy had to rearrange just to make 2015 feasible, it’s no surprise that the Navy AD rejected the idea.

On top of the contractual hassles, putting the entry date in 2015 allows Navy to build up to Big East competition, both in facilities (as Gladchuk mentioned), and in giving Navy coaches a full recruiting cycle to sell themselves as a Big East program before playing a conference schedule. Joining any earlier is a bad idea if Navy wants to hit the ground running. I understand why Aresco might want it to happen sooner, but let’s hope this is the last we hear of it.

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