Postgame Haiku, Vol. 62

You say it’s Keenan
Or Central Michigan stinks
I say it’s blue pants


29 Responses

  1. I say it’s Keenan
    And Central Michigan stinks
    Bring on the Hoosiers

  2. Our Quick Strike offense
    Kept CMU off balance.
    And the Defense rocks!

  3. Keenan drops back and
    I do not get nervous. That
    is a great feeling.

  4. Big win for Navy
    But our fans will still complain
    Because of timeouts

  5. A total team win
    Stress feww weekend FTW
    Beltran 4 Ray Guy

    • that’s what I get for
      typing in a darkened room
      feww translates to free

  6. Three TD passes,
    A La Chris McCoy ’97.
    Chips coaching REAL bad.

  7. Big game for Keenan
    Team played another good game
    We are coming back!

  8. Can’t call him Roger
    Three TD’s yet best attempt
    Was to back of bench.

    • Huh?

    • OK, I re-read your haiku, I get it and concur.

  9. By the third quarter
    The game was well in the Bag.
    It wasn’t alone.

  10. Paul Johnson’s offense
    as demonstrated tonight
    cannot be stopped.

  11. For vicarious
    pleasure, a hit by Warrick:
    “Whack, pop, snap, turf, done.”

  12. Does anyone else,
    Count on their fingers to make
    sure Haiku’s done right?

    • I simply arrange my beer empties in a mirror pattern.

  13. The legend lives on
    From the Chippewa on down
    Can not beat Navy

  14. Was the elusive
    Complete game achieved tonight?
    Does bear poop in woods?

  15. Somebody tell them
    That he’s not a “True Freshman” …
    He is a “True Plebe.”

    • Not haiku, but Plebes are Plebes. There are no differentiations. Reynolds is an exceptional triple option QB but he’s still a Plebe!

  16. Midshipmen could chant:
    “I believe that we will win”
    In the third quarter.

    • Might help team spirit
      If they did this in Q1
      At all games at home.

  17. These young players have
    Weathered the early assault
    Get better each week

  18. Mikes Great Videos
    Made This Understandable
    So Much Fun Shipmates

  19. what more can you say
    the defense is looking good
    and the offense clicked

  20. Great game by whole team
    Congrats to Mister Reynolds
    Know your rates today?

    • …. yes? Carry on!

  21. “sense of urgency”
    was shown all night by the mids.
    Blue Pants for the win!

  22. Character counts most.
    And this team has it; coaches
    And players. Drive on!

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