Postgame Haiku, Vol. 64

Offense unleashes
A frankenstorm of touchdowns
Blue pants reign supreme


25 Responses

  1. Soggy Conditions
    And East Carolina D
    can’t stop the big stick.

  2. Props go to Coach Green
    Props also to Coach Jasper
    Complete team effort

  3. SEALS snipe bad pirates
    Midshipmen hammer Pirates
    Jack Sparrow be scared

  4. Hey, FOX College Sports
    Could you wipe the damn wet lens?
    GeeGee trumps squeegee

    • Amen @ the lens–it looked like it was covered with Vaseline.

    • So, is watching Fox College Sports like watching porn? I’ve never seen porn…. :)

  5. Revenge is a dish
    Best served Navy option style
    Up ECU gut

  6. Offense fun to watch
    Still don’t like blue pants
    But can’t deny winning streak

  7. ECU wants in the BE
    They might re think
    Got 5 now get 6

  8. d makes some stops and
    Five hundred plus yards rushing.
    blue pants forever!

  9. GT ’96
    Last radio game for me
    Miss you CBS

  10. If you cannot tell
    Blow outs do leave much more time
    For making haiku

    • haiku? is that what the kids are calling it these days?

    • 性交 is what the Japanese call it.

    • During the game? Seems like begging to be called for unnecessary roughing.

  11. Three and a half hours
    of out of focus football
    so worth the migraine.

  12. 5-1-2 yards run,
    T-O-P give right to wear
    Navy Blue Pants and Gold

  13. Could not watch on tube.
    Had to settle for game cast.
    Looked like Techmo Bowl.

  14. Navy fares better
    when in Pirate home waters.
    Two-one, Navy! ARRR!

  15. Love when this Whiteside
    Rips off a long touchdown run
    Means Navy won big

  16. Shades of twenty-ten
    Tight through two quarters before
    Ess-plosion in third.

  17. GG fun to watch
    Confidence goes a long way
    Get ready San Fran!

  18. Rush yards aplenty
    ECU looked really lost
    Twas Ruff in Greenville

  19. Team, Team, the young Team
    Gels, Looks like good times ahead
    Bought my Bowl Tickets

  20. This team is special.
    Gee Gee Greene and KeeganW exemplify
    best of Navy football.

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