Postgame Haiku, Vol. 65

FAU came out
Well-coached and ready to play
Glad to get the win


20 Responses

  1. We’re going bowling
    I think I just touched myself
    In an impure way

  2. A win is a win.
    Don’t care that it’s F A U
    San Fran here we come!

  3. Blue pants, Gold pants, who
    Cares, it is the same, or it
    Is the Mids in them

  4. I see Mid Team and
    Ken Niumatalolo
    White House Rose Garden

  5. Got the win today,
    But almost had heart attack,
    When nineteen went down.

  6. blue & gold colors
    Navy’s main colors i see
    my dad screams for them!

  7. SF here we come

    • Bill, dude? Why risk the wrath of haiku police?

  8. Owl Stew for Dinner
    Air Force Schadenfreude dessert
    Kraft Bowl Here We Come

  9. Army beats Air Force
    Should be really quite a day
    Snowball fight in Hell

  10. Great day–Navy wins!
    And way up North, unavenged
    Is Billy Mitchell

  11. navy bowl bound cake
    the recipe for icing
    army stomps air force

  12. The Mids persevered
    Offense was inconsistent
    Defense made key stops.

    It was freaking cold!
    FAU QB was huge.
    Sloan not so perfect.

  13. No quit in these Mids,
    so they return to San Fran;
    site of 2004’s epic drive!

  14. well that was ugly
    but a win is all that counts
    way to go ARMY!!

  15. On a chilly day,
    Mids make reservation for
    Mac and Cheese Dinner.

    Army goes Ralphie
    To Air Force’s Scott Farkus.
    Major Award moves.

  16. nothing comes easy
    FAU pushed us around
    but we got the win

    Army beats Air Farce
    Commander in chief up next
    bowl bound once again

  17. I cheered for Army
    And the Mules brought their A game
    Hope they lose the rest

  18. You know, speaking of
    That trophy you’ve had two years?
    Send it to Philly.

  19. Rutgers going down.
    Temple going down also.
    The streak ends at three.

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