Postgame Haiku, Vol. 66

Unpleasant flashbacks
Have no desire to relive
Two thousand seven


14 Responses

  1. Damoclean sword
    Hung over Navy all day
    In the end we die

  2. Navy gets no sacks
    Trojans brand name protection
    No penetration

  3. Zoomies implode big
    Vaulted offense goes AWOL
    Restriction pending

  4. Costly turnovers
    We need more tackling practice
    Troy offense too good.

  5. Twas a lame effort
    Happy Marine Corps birthday
    I will drink tonight

  6. 21 point hole
    bad tackles like ND game
    bridge too far today

  7. We could not hold serve,
    When they didn’t punt all day,
    We’re better than that.

  8. not at all surprised
    but mistakes will kill any team
    really not that mad!

  9. One-thousand-three-hun-
    dred-eighteen yards of offense
    against volunteers.

  10. Saw this one coming
    We don’t matchup well against
    Spread passing offense

  11. Unpatriotic
    For all three academies
    To lose on Vets’ Day

  12. Have to stop a drive
    Must get them off the field
    Can’t win without defense

  13. Tired of career days by others
    Tired of bend don’t break
    Play defense and get a stop

  14. It is hard to be
    poetic after a loss
    Y U No work, pants?

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