Postgame Haiku, Vol. 67

Some uneasiness
Warm cheese feeling in stomach
Please pass the Pepto


16 Responses

  1. That’s U-G-L-Y,
    We ain’t got no alibi,
    Ugly – but a win,

  2. too many mistakes,
    but some time to prep for woops.
    A win is a win!

  3. D back with vengeance
    Plebe was playing like a plebe
    A win is a win!

  4. Blaik Field tells the truth
    Army can be run upon
    Begin licking chops

  5. A win is a win
    Too much plebeiness for me
    Now go beat Army

  6. Would not say pretty
    that was one really weird game
    CIC time now!

  7. Today’s game recap
    Armchair quarterback calls it:
    semi-cluster muck

  8. Seven wins is nice
    Commander in Chief with eighth
    USC for ninth?


  9. Stone hands and cold hands
    mishandling the football.
    But I’ll take the win.

  10. Goat is old, gnarly
    But he can take the bacon
    From worn Army mule.

  11. Not our best effort
    But at least team has three weeks
    To get back on track

    So does USC
    Losing to UCLA
    Drop them to Kraft Bowl?

  12. T’is better for Pepto
    Than Imodium-AD for sure.
    Win 7 is sweet, not sour

  13. Remember back when
    we started with two losses
    Things look better now

  14. Don’t complain about
    A sloppy win is a win
    The plebe and D rock

  15. There were a lot of guys that played a lot worse than Keenan yesterday.

  16. Plebe will be OK
    Full Back had a good day
    Need team synch for mule

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