Did Air Force deface the Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy?

Army-Navy media day was yesterday, and part of the festivities was the delivery of the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy to Philadelphia after a two-year sentence in Colorado Springs. Upon its unveiling, Bill Wagner tweeted:

It looks like there is more damage to the trophy than just tarnish, though. Here’s what the Trophy looked like while it was in Annapolis:

Here’s what the Navy side looks like now. Apparently, Bill the Goat needs some help to keep from falling over:


Why does Bill need to be propped up? Was he bent or broken off? Did Air Force players all take the trophy home like it was the Stanley Cup? Was there an accident? What happened?

In other news, it appears that the years where there was a 3-way tie have been removed, something that should have happened a long time ago.

22 thoughts on “Did Air Force deface the Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy?

  1. tphuey

    New welds on the rear hooves. And that looks like a nail is being used to prop him up. FAIL at a lousy repair job. But the fact that it was damaged speaks volumes.

  2. Navy79

    The second photo above looks like it may be fake or from a different side. Take a close look at the year numbers on it and then at the year numbers on the one above it and the one on the white house photo on the link from anonymous. I still think the Zoomies need to pay for the horrible condition they returned the trophy though. In the meantime let’s focus on what is REALLY important…BEAT ARMY!!!

    1. It isn’t a different side. As I said in the post, the “tie” years were removed, and years were added as Navy kept winning it. And lol no its not fake.

  3. FNB

    Did they pull the ties off the AF side? Or just those where Navy held on to it?

    At least the Zoomies admitted they broke it. I’m sure there was a three-star level phone call or at least a nice email. Right?

    Nothin’ says class like USAFA.

    1. FNB

      Sorry: that supposed to be sarcastic. Really more that they just handed it back and hoped no one would notice. Much like any 3 year old child puts mom’s broken knick-knack back on the shelf.

  4. Actually, USAFA doesn’t have an “Alumni Association” – it’s called the “Association of Graduates”…If you don’t graduate, they don’t want to see your face again. Some of the happiest of our reunions have been reuniting with guys we knew when we were all 18-year old knuckleheads during plebe summer. At the Zoo, they apparently don’t get that.

    1. The list of reasons not to like Air Force is long and wide-ranging, but I can’t imagine caring about the makeup of their alumni organization. Besides, I’ve seen USNA grads with a pretty embarrassing attitude regarding those who leave, too.

  5. No respect. They just don’t really care about it. No tears when they lose to army or navy. There is no passion, just another non-conference loss. Well, at least we will take care of it up here in Annapolis. Go Navy! Beat Army!

  6. Xavier

    I think Navy and Army should make a commitment that in the event Air Force ever wins the Trophy again, that the trophy is not transferred until they have rightfully financed all repair costs!

  7. mvljog440

    The best track to take is for Navy to keep winning and build that streak to 44 wins over AFA and no one will have to worry about their ability to take care of loaned property.

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