10 thoughts on “Ask a Birddog anything

  1. tphuey

    Your birddog message board is asking for a password and birthday information, then still doesn’t work. Is it a legit outage?

  2. FanoftheSite

    1) Can you do a post (if haven’t already) on how navy(or any team) uses formations to manipulate defenses and gain numbers advantages. For example you trips against 33 stack to break their stack.

    2)In series football if someone is overplaying or being over aggressive in their responsibility how soon do you attack that defender?

    Example a linebacker from the weak side aggressively scraping to the play side following wing motion? I would assume counter option/dive would be a play to run but how soon. If he stopped you for a short gain do try to immediately attack him or wait to the the next drive or set of downs?

    3) How does the offense adjust to teams continuously switching the actions of the players the offense keys on?

    4) How do you handle quarters coverage and Robber when they have 9 in the box (assuming against the normal 2 wide formation) and they out number you in the box? Do you just pass until they get out of it or do not care and the option keeps those extra men far enough away that positive yards can still be made.

    5) Last people talk about constraint plays all the time can you go over the constraint plays navy uses and how they effect different defensive movements?

  3. Sandy Coward '64

    Despite what I consider average talent and a frequent inability to run inside effectively, Air Force is amazingly effective at getting to the edge with numbers. They seem to be able to do it to everyone. How ?

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