Let’s watch football

It’s football season. At some point tomorrow evening, I will ascend to the room over my garage, and my wife will say “see you in January.” If you want to watch what I’ll be watching this weekend, here’s the list. There will be some overlap, but that’s because I have two TVs plus the internet and dammit I use them all.

All times ET


North Carolina at South Carolina – 6:00 – ESPN

The best game of the night, obviously, although It’ll be relegated to the small screen after an hour. That’s because…

Indiana State at Indiana – 7:00 – Big Ten Network

I know next to nothing about Indiana State, so I don’t know how much we’ll learn about Navy’s first opponent. But it’s all we’ve got of the Hoosiers before they play Navy, so I’ll be watching.

Southern Utah at South Alabama – 7:30 – ESPN3

I usually won’t concentrate on Navy’s late-season opponents until we get closer to those games, but I’ll be keeping an eye on this one just out of curiosity since South Alabama is a FBS newcomer.

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt – 9:15 – ESPN

USC at Hawaii – 11:00 – CBS Sports Network

Not gonna lie, I probably won’t make it past the first quarter.

Other future Navy opponents: Sacramento State at San Jose State, 10:00, MW Digital Network


Morgan State at Army – 7:00 – CBS Sports Network

Barring an evening monsoon (always a possibility in Florida), I’m putting this game on the DVR and going to the neighborhood high school game instead. If Army has any problem at all with a struggling MEAC program, it’s going to be a very long year at West Point. Just for perspective, Akron was 1-11 last year. Their one win was over Morgan State. They won that game 66-6. Things change, but not THAT quickly. I’m sure Army won’t put anything on film that they don’t have to in this game, and their starters should all be out by the 4th quarter.


Elon at Georgia Tech – 12:00 – ESPN3

Meh, it’s the spread option.

Toledo at Florida – 12:21 – SEC Network

I get this on a local channel, but you might have to find it on Gameplan. It won’t take long to find out what the Rockets will be bringing to the table this season.

Colgate at Air Force – 3:00 – ROOT

This will be a better game than Army’s, but not by much. I’ll have to watch, though, since there are only so many Air Force games to take in before they come to Annapolis. Air Force’s defense did have their hands full in their supposed cupcake game last year, so maybe we’ll at least get a chuckle or two.

Temple at Notre Dame – 3:30 – NBC

NC Central at Duke – 4:00 – ESPN3

This is going to be a terrible game, and I’ll probably change over to…

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech – 5:30 – ESPN

…once this game starts, assuming I can get it online. If not, I’m sure I’ll be sick of either the Air Force or Notre Dame game by then.

Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky – 7:00 – ESPNews

This should be a pretty good game, and we’ll get our first look at the new WKU.

Washington State at Auburn – 7:00 – ESPNU

Morbid curiosity.

Georgia at Clemson – 8:00 – ABC

LSU vs. TCU – 9:00 – ESPN

I assume I’ll be sick of Wazzu-Auburn by then.

Boise State at Washington – 10:00 – FS1

Northwestern at Cal – 10:30 – ESPN2

Who doesn’t like Northwestern?


Sunday is my wife’s birthday. Ohio-Louisville is interesting, but not THAT interesting.


Florida State at Pitt – 8:00 – ESPN

Another future Navy opponent to wrap up the weekend.

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