Postgame Haiku, Vol. 70

Feinstein must be pissed
Sure the column was ready
“See? Big East? Mistake!”


27 Responses

  1. Classmate gives online
    Stream, thanks Steve, Navy rolls on

  2. IU dark horse team
    Navy ain’t got time for that
    Steamroll to vict’ry

  3. Yo, Big Ten Network
    You say, “They gave him the spot”
    We earned it, Big Turd!

  4. I suck at Haiku
    I do not really care
    Navy big win best days ever

    • Witt, you don’t suck. Next time write the haiku before the 5th beer.

  5. Blocking was great and
    kick coverage was unreal.

  6. What I learned today
    Beer then wine, game will go fine.
    Great start to season

  7. Got to love the Mids
    They never let us forget
    About our ulcers

  8. Great win on the Road
    Heart attack kids show much heart
    Sympathy Coach Ken

  9. Black Knights lose badly
    Zoomies crash at Utah State
    Navy like a boss

  10. Play call delays suck
    Almost made us lose the game
    Give Keenan more time

  11. O unstoppable
    Defense bends but doesn’t break
    Blue hens are dead meat

  12. Unstoppable O.
    Just enough early defense.
    I feel better now.

  13. One hour quarter mile?
    The slots looked faster than that.
    And they can block, too.

  14. Well, the A’s can block
    I lost my voice by halftime
    Vortex sucked me in!

  15. The fast start felt great;
    Did we slow down or tire out?
    Da mids hung in there!

  16. Navy formula
    Run like hell, hang on for life
    Beat BCS teams

  17. Mids make this alum proud
    Heart and mind trump size and speed
    Stay hungry Navy!

    • MMMMM, tatertots. Hungry indeed!

  18. Never been so fine
    With a Navy defense that
    Gave up 31

  19. BTW when Feinstein was making an interview with Paul Johnson all about himself the other day, he changed tack a little on the Big East. Now his angle is “lol it’s no more than CUSA now stupid Navy.” An argument of convenience since his blow-hard crap about Army proving why it’s a bad idea is easily identified as the argument of an idiot.

  20. Lots of heart last night
    Rushing title here we come
    Go you Navy mids

  21. Loved the Navy win
    Loved the AF beatdown more
    Think I might need help

  22. I wonder if you
    Can win the Ray Guy Award
    If you never punt?

  23. Preparation great
    Execution was better
    Opening game won

  24. We finally got
    the ball to the slots more, I
    guess Coach reads GoMids

  25. Unbalanced Lefty
    Indiana No Adjust
    Unbalanced Righty

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