Postgame Haiku, Vol. 71

Keenan back to pass
Keenan back to pass again


21 Responses

  1. Good play all around
    Week of rest from cardiac

  2. I’d sympathize, but
    I remember Joe Flacco.
    Suck it, Delaware.

    • 11 different players with 10+ yards rushing. Have we ever seen that before?

    • Echoes of the ’73 Army game (51-0)…

    • PJ couldn’t keep up this week!

  3. Looks like you just saw,
    Keenan back to pass all day,
    For a big fat win!

  4. Got to love this team
    Big hits and TDs talk smack
    Got our swagger back!

  5. Two complete games down
    Western Kentucky is next
    good luck with Game Plan!

  6. I have seen a lot
    of Navy home openers
    but none like that one.

  7. Today we slaughtered
    Delaware Fighting Blue Hens.
    Thanks to three buck chuck!

  8. Whoever said that
    Navy cannot score quickly
    L O L O L.

  9. lets go see my sis says my wife
    i know it will ease up my life
    if i just say yes
    and smile up my best
    to say no will end up in strife

    home by three thirty
    didn’t clarify time zone
    4th quarter looked good

  10. Triple O ballet
    A complete game in all parts
    CBS own words

  11. Blue hens lay an egg
    Mids keep on executin’
    Keep ‘er going boys!

  12. O line doing very well
    Most thought we’d be one and one
    A sign of good things!

  13. Navy offense clicks!
    Navy defense getting stops!
    Special Teams look great!

  14. No mistake on this…
    We are playing good football.
    IJ owned the Hens.

  15. So Bill did feed on
    Blue Hen wings Saturday night
    Heavy on the sauce!!!

  16. Mike did some mailbags…
    Just how much of this ballet
    Has yet to hit tape?

  17. initial series
    set the table for the rout
    a thing of beauty

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