This week in service academy football


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  1. Army vs Wake Forest:
    6 false starts
    2 AJ Schurr fumbles
    5-17 third down conversions
    No second half defensive adjustments

    Only 2 of remaining 8 games are home games. Army’s last road victory? 30 Dec 2010

    Army fans beginning to mention Ivin Jasper as their ideal replacement for Rich Ellerson.

  2. Air Force verses Wyoming:
    One word: PAYBACK

  3. They are both horrible right now.

  4. Another most excellent day! BTW, that painting describes every single aspect of my life to-date.

  5. Calhoun is definitely at a disadvantage: All those kids from Wyoming are tough because they are raised out in the country on a farm. He has to deal with all these kids from all over the country with congressional nominations and all. But it’s just Air Force’s cross to bear.

  6. That helmet to helmet hit before Wyoming turned on the blowout was ridiculous. Things went downhill from there for HDMF.

    • That hit was scary. At first I was shocked that the guy wasn’t ejected for targeting, but looking at the replay he wasn’t even going after the ballcarrier. Guy was just in the right place at the right time. Or the returner was in the wrong place. I was surprised he went back into the game.

  7. Army’s season is turning into a traveling wake.

    • Yeah. They have winnable games on the schedule, but the way they’re playing I don’t think they’ll be able to string any of those wins together.

  8. I am not so comfortable when Army has seasons of 1-11, or whatever. Air Force, on the other hand….

    • I agree. Wish Army had a better team. The USAFA is really one of USNA’s real “hated” rivalries. May be too strong, but there isn’t a lot of love lost between the two, where as with USMA their is mutual respect.

    • If you think there’s really mutual respect, you aren’t paying attention.

    • I’m interested. Why do you say no mutual respect. A doesn’t respect N, N doesn’t respect A, or their lack of respect in mutual? And what have I missed that would indicate that.

    • I can’t speak for the players, but as a Mid (and even more so as an Alum), there was a difference between how I felt about Army and Air Force. Sure, I want to Beat Army. But I want to never lose to Air Force.

    • CJ, I agree there’s a different feeling about Army and Air Force. But I’m asking Mike to elaborate about a lack of mutual respect between Navy and Army (unless I’m reading him wrong).

  9. I could see Wyoming’s smackdown coming, but really, Wake Forest is one of the most offensivly inept teams in the country. For Army to lose to them says a lot about their D’s ability to not finish games.

    • I will never get back those 3 hours out of my life….

  10. After spending 30yrs and being a Navy pilot, with two tours in the Pentagon, all I can totally agree with Navy 92 and CJ. Army and Navy worked well together in the five sided building and I never want to lose to USAFA. Cheers

    • We aren’t talking about the Pentagon.

  11. As a recent grad, I can say that there’s definitely more hatred towards AF than Army.

    • Sure, but that isn’t the question.

    • Mike, are you talking about the coaching staffs, the players, the mids & woops, or what?

    • A combination of those things, and more on the Army side than the Navy side. Navy fans tend to WANT there to be mutual respect, so they assume it exists. Just keep an ear to the ground. You’ll pick up on things.

    • Does it have to do with the last 11 years, or does it predate that? Or even if it doesn’t predate that, does it have to do with something else?

    • I don’t know what it’s about. It’s just the vibe I get, and it extends beyond football.

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