Postgame Haiku, Vol. 72

I tried to warn you
Offense hadn’t been tested
They’ve been tested now


30 Responses

  1. Apparently we
    Don’t have another option.
    Offense firing blanks.

  2. That creepy feeling
    Fear expanding deja vu
    One big buzz kill suck.

  3. I hate exam week
    I hate west coast offenses
    But hate Air Force more.

  4. I hate when I look
    Forward to something all week
    Which lands with a thud.

  5. Uninspired play
    and a great big ol’ drop off
    from 19 to 10

  6. hopefully this was
    the “that game” we seem to have
    every flippin year

  7. Too upset from loss
    Cannot write a haiku now
    Oops, I guess I did

  8. Hendrick back to pass
    Hendrick back to pass again
    Please pass the Pepto

  9. Play calling awful
    “Surprise” passing plays fooled noon
    Stick to three option

  10. wind let out of sails
    did not expect that result
    beat air force hardcore

  11. have one every year
    so why am i nervous now
    please get well Keenan

  12. Medical relapse.
    It seems my Tourette’s returned.
    Beat Air Force. Damnit.

  13. 2 play sequence ended the game with Kennan helmet to helmet & horrible spot but I havent seen a team deflate so quickly and a coaching staff switch from our bread and butter faster than we could blink. Very depressing

  14. Driving during game
    Learned Reynolds hurt, stomach flipped
    Gotta beat air force

  15. Deflated balloon
    and Air Force coming to town
    inspires us next week.

  16. Heard Jackson yell out
    “They suppose be A-A-C!”
    Oh well Air Force next

  17. Hoping Mike will say:
    “Never as bad as it seems.”
    A silver lining…?

    • As bad as it seemed they only lost by 12

  18. I really hate when
    I have to watch games like that.
    Air Force next – Let’s go!

  19. Was there. #10 a BIG dropoff from #19. Loss of #19 took a winnable game away from us. WKU as having their expected dificulty with defending against the triple option. When #10 couldn’t run it right we changed to, let’s be kind about it, a mediocre passing game that the Little Sisters of the Poor could defend against. The result? 3-and-out — 3-and-out — 3-and-out … you know the drill … U_G_L_Y

    • Funny, nobody had these hot takes the first time we saw Hendrick this season.

    • Mike, I didn’t see Hendricks in his debut against Delaware. I was in College Station watching Nick Saban’s defense shut down Johnny Manziel. I’d guess that Hendricks played in the 4th Quarter during mop up time against an already thoroughly defeated opponent.

      If he looked good against Delaware, he certainly didn’t against WKU.

    • Maybe you should avoid snap judgments, then.

    • “The Midshipmen managed a mere 65 total yards and three first downs after intermission, a truly pathetic performance.” — Bill Wagner, Capital-Gazette.

      Another snap judgement?

      We can agree to disagree, but unless I’ve asked for your advice, please don’t give it … thanks.

    • Nobody asked for your commentary either, which will no longer be a problem.

    • Mike’s words ARE the draw.
      Who’s the Fritz guy sans haiku?
      Isn’t this Mike’s Blog?

      I would rather beat
      On an obnoxious new guy
      Than discuss THAT game.

      Chair Force may not go.
      so we will have to chew on
      that painful showing.

      Help!…Write your hometown
      Congressman or Senator!
      Get Chair Force to Naptown.

  20. KR hit was bad
    we had nothing after that
    bring on the zoomies

  21. Had to laugh at this
    announcer complimented
    topper’s nice cut block

  22. was at the game. best thing after half was WK kneeling at attention behind team for Blue & Gold..classy. hope to see analysis but seemed we had 2 plays after half, fullback and shotgun pass. If WK had some kind of defensive scheme that stopped us throughout game, would be interested in what it was. After our first drive we did not look good.

  23. @Fritz Nick Saban didn’t shut down Johnny Manziel and you are posting on the Birddog’s blog so he can you his opinion anytime he wants. This isn’t

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