Postgame Haiku, Vol. 74

In so many ways
The better team won today
Like they have all year


21 Responses

  1. Buddy MVP
    Defense won the game for us
    Love the bowl game win

  2. won six of seven
    to end season with nine wins
    beat ohio state

  3. Today begins the
    Vacuum cleaner sales career
    Of Roderic Blunt

  4. Gentlemen Sailors
    Play tough, hit hard and win big
    Couldn’t be more proud

  5. Defense comes up big.
    Now it’s time to start stressing.
    Will Jasper be back?

  6. ETSU chips
    Before, during, and after
    Mids stay cool and WIN

  7. D plays great again
    and teams plays strong second half.
    Love me a bowl win!

  8. Thank God for Bird Dog,
    Wags twitter feed game updates!
    Love, those on the road.

  9. My momma told me
    That “cheaters never prosper”
    So, to be nothing but Blunt
    My momma was right.

  10. M T S U is
    Mindless Thugs Simply Uncouth

  11. D-I-R-T-Y,
    Raiders got no alibi
    and so they got beat

  12. Oh hey Mister Blunt
    I saw you play Navy. Yes,
    I’ll take fries with that

  13. Interestingly Roderic Blunt is the son of Rodney Blunt. Rodney played at Clemson and led Pensacola Pine Forest to the mythical HS national championship in 1987 or so. I saw his dad play when I was flight instructor at VT 86. His dad was low keyed and ran tough yards play after play. But his kid sure acted poorly today.

  14. Hmm, Oakland Raiders
    M-T-S-U Blue Raiders
    Maybe its the name

  15. Armed Forces Bowl win!
    Sportsmanship and class beats the
    MTSU thugs.

  16. A Christmas Story
    twist on the thug Rodney Blunt:
    He’ll poke your eye out!

  17. I just saw the game
    on my trusty dVR..
    Richard Cranium!


  19. One day later now
    Blue Raider apology
    Thinking O-S-U

  20. A dilemma:
    You can you be good at losing
    And still be
    A bad loser

  21. Mike. I. am USNA ’50, an old timer who happened on your website a few months ago and admire your style and knowledge of football. I must admit I don’t understand half of it, since I was not player at USNA. I gather you are class of 1999, or thereabouts. Were you a player, coach, or just a real student of the game? In any event, keep up the good work. I thoroughly enjoy reading your comments.
    Jolly Roger

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