The more things change…

In a college-football climate made uncomfortable by the ever-growing competition of professional football and the withdrawal of more major conferences into round-robin schedules which virtually exclude the independents, these major independents were seriously considering an adventure in Togetherness.


There isn’t anything terribly profound about this comment until you consider that it was made in 1959. Navy football is leaving the ranks of the independents and joining a conference for the first time next year, but the question of conference membership has been around for decades.

There are more than a few lines in this old Sports Illustrated article regarding football, academics, and the NCAA that sound like they could have come out of the SI issue that’s sitting on newsstands this week.

One thought on “The more things change…

  1. TJ

    I heard that this Conference was a done deal until the Air Force representative to the meeting, Col. George Simler, hijacked the negotiations. Apparently he insisted on creating a trophy for the winner of the Western Division, but USC, UCLA, Stanford and UW wouldn’t abide having their names on the same hardware next to such an upstart. They could see there was going to be no working with that institution … thus ended the Big Indy Project.

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