This is a podcast

It’s not the best one, and it’s all glitchy and whatnot, but here it is. And there might be more, which will hopefully get better as we go along. It’s a little out of date at this point because it took me so long to put it together, but you get what you pay for. Start it at 6:20 (like I said, glitchy), and brace yourself for a wide range of unsolicited opinions from me and Andy!

8 thoughts on “This is a podcast

  1. Witt94

    This is not meant to be a criticism, just an honest question. How difficult would it be to have the podcasts available in iTunes?

    I have no idea so it may be too much effort to do it. Being a creature with generally long daily work commutes & enjoying the tOSU podcast you did, I would love being able to download these & listen during my commute.

    I suspect that it may not be worth the effort. Regardless, good job guys.

  2. Actually it’s not that hard. I just want to have the technical kinks worked out before I unleash the podcast to the world. For now I’m fine with the diehards tuning in.

  3. tphuey

    My only recommendation would be to limit the time to about 30 mins vice an hour. That way you can save some less-time critical topics for next week.

    1. If we limit it to 30 minutes there’s no way we could get through everything. We already cut out half the stuff we wanted to talk about on this week’s podcast.

  4. Just finished listening and it sounds great. We know the difficulties of putting a podcast together (on the technical and analytic side). Excellent insight on conference alignments and changes! We are planning a Service Academy Outlook podcast next week (just completed all Power 5 conferences).

  5. bethel95

    Well done. I like the longer format, myself. Once you get your sea legs under you, consider having a guest each week–I find that the very best podcasts that I listen to regularly all have 3-4 participants, as it generates a higher energy level. That’s no guarantee of success, of course, as chemistry matters (but y’all already have a good foundation there).

    My other suggestion would be to experiment with mic positioning to see if you can eliminate that excess reverb effect. I’m guessing that positioning’s the issue, as only Mike had that problem, so it’s probably not the room. Either that, or y’all are using different microphones.

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