Postgame Haiku, Vol. 76

Defense did their jobs
Offense sort of did their jobs
They did Temple’s, too.


33 Responses

  1. What a great game! What homers were the announcers. Hope Keenan’s OK.

  2. Keenan’s knee? Keenan’s
    knee? Keenan’s knee? Keenan’s knee?
    Keenan’s knee? His Knee?

  3. Targeting? My ass.
    Quarterback lowered his head
    Into Daniel’s chest

  4. One and a half feet
    Navy coaches decided
    Tago can’t make it

  5. Worst I ever felt
    after a Navy Vict’ry.
    What a crazy game.

  6. Twitter is better
    Than ESPN3 for
    Following Navy games.

  7. Could not watch the game.
    Thanks Time Warner, for nothing.
    Except ignorance.

  8. Despite the blown calls,
    injuries, and turnovers
    The unis looked good.

  9. Just glad for the win,
    Hope it doesn’t turn to loss
    Keep Keenan healthy.

  10. Sad Hooter the Owl
    Might find work at Tilted Kilt
    Couldn’t help Temple

  11. Laugh on each long run
    Think this team will drive us nuts
    Cry on each fumble

  12. The option era?
    More the Buddy Green era
    Defense leads to wins

  13. No Temple of Doom
    Navy eleven and oh
    Lincoln Financial

  14. a win is a win
    offense needs to tighten up
    defense is a beast

  15. Bogus end zone call
    Hope these are not typ-i-cal
    Refs from A A C

  16. I have never seen as many bad officiating calls in a game! Clock mgt bad again and could not believe we went for the field goal instead of the foot! I am really fearful that Reynolds has an ACL! Ed
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

    • I don’t know when the
      Clock needed to be managed.
      It looked fine to me

    • Good lord, I think some people just say clock management because they don’t know what else to say.

  17. How many unmarked
    hundies in Temple’s replay
    ref payoff this week?

  18. Who would-a thunk it:
    A nail-biter with Temple?!
    Hope Keenan’ s OK.

  19. Thanks NAVY BUCKEYES isn’t that bad after all

  20. Announcers were bad
    Birddog needs to help them with
    Navy away games

    • I always listen to Navy radio coverage and turn off the tv announcers. Added advantage is the radio is two plays ahead of the tv, so you know what to look for!

  21. Keep it high and tight
    This can’t continue to be
    On to the Bobcats

  22. Just finished watching.
    I really hate these games where
    I feel like puking.

  23. Too many T.O.s.
    Refs AND announcers were BAD.
    Take the win and run!

  24. A win is a win
    Dag nabbit, son of biscuit
    Let’s put one away!

  25. Field Goal was wide right
    Offense kept Temple in game
    Chris averted the panic

  26. Navy hangs on close
    Ken’s little brother also
    Perfect SA day

  27. What’s with the Fumbles?
    The Cardiac Mids are back!
    Need to tighten up!

  28. Fourteen years ago
    I saw Owls thump Navy at home.
    No more though. Tough Mids.

  29. Clever Calhoun says
    We have good ingredients.
    Propeller Heads lose.

  30. Irrefutible
    evidence, I did not see
    ball security!

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