29 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 78

    1. “Run the good plays”

      Yeah that’s what I was saying the entire time.

      Here is to a win this weekend, hope you enjoy watching down in FLA in your arm chair.

  1. Monty93

    How does Navy win?
    Run run run run run run run
    run run pass run run.

    How did Rutgers win?
    Run run run run run run run
    run run pass run run.

    1. Anonymous

      I see your point, about the prevent defense, but couldn’t a 5 Wr QB draw, Chris Swain wildcat, a Jarod Bryant (also I believe ’13 SJ St game) throw back type play, pistol option (Air Force ’12 game), type of play worked? I beieve there was enough time to at least attempt one running play. We used the Pistol/Shotgun often early in the game. Perhaps something to break up the predictability and their blitz/rush scheme. I am justin posing this as a point of dicussion. I am by no means a professional coach. I leave that to Coach N and J…..who have done a helluva job since PJ left!!!!!!!

    2. Could it have? It’s easy to list a bunch of plays, but it gets harder if you have to explain what you saw in the Rutgers defense that would lead you to believe that those plays would work. And if you’re suggesting wildcats and halfback passes to the quarterback then you’re really just throwing anything out there to see what might stick. You can’t possibly think that a halfback pass to the quarterback would be easier to execute than what was called, could you? The players have to execute regardless of the play call, but play calls are a lot easier to complain about.

      If Coach Jasper had called any of that wacky stuff and it didn’t work, I can only imagine the complaints I’d be seeing today.

    1. Managing Time

      Other teams have lined up like that and we’ve gashed them. Again, it’s more about the players and how they are coached than how they lined up.

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