Postgame Haiku, Vol. 79

Those passes last week?
Wish we could have saved a few.
Maybe then we win.


35 Responses

  1. I get so upset
    when I watch Navy Football.
    My wife yells at me.

  2. Inconsistency.
    That was the name of the game.
    Why must it hurt so?

  3. Have to hit a pass
    When defense sells out for run
    Prayers for RWJ


    • Relieved he’s OK
      Nothing worse than a hurt Mid
      Now let’s beat Zoomies

  4. Like a week ago,
    A very hard game to watch
    Hope we get on track

  5. Defense poor tackling
    Reynolds very poor passing
    The whole team looked flat

  6. Excedrin migraine
    started early in the game
    just got worse throughout

  7. Goals are still intact
    Keenan needs to be better
    At least was not Yale

  8. two thousand and one
    charlie weatherby head coach
    hurt way less than this

    • JoeDawgFifty-Four,
      I say this with all respect:
      You shut your wh*re mouth

    • the internet is
      forever so don’t post dumb
      things when you are drunk

    • (that was for me, not you Tim)

    • Haha, no worries.
      No downvotes here; just haiku
      also written drunk

  9. 3 of fourteen, yikes
    Two passes intercepted
    Missed field goal, fumble

    Perfection needed
    Navy certainly wasn’t
    WKU wins it.

  10. Got to change the plan
    when pass execution sucks
    Run run run run run

  11. I don’t know how to Haiku
    But On
    GoatParent is an idiot

  12. Many incompletes
    D played well enough to win
    not a good defeat

  13. Better right the ship.
    Air Force spanking Boise State.
    Really worried now.

  14. Quarterback hobbled.
    Fumbles have become routine.
    Season on the brink.

  15. Pick 6 was last nail
    But game was lost way before
    Kingdom for kicker?

  16. When said everyone
    Sucks, did not think would apply
    Navy, come on man.

  17. Not playing too good
    Open tryouts for kicker
    Should happen this week

  18. Strategy working.
    Air Force overconfidence
    Ensures Navy win!

  19. A little advice:
    Boise with seven cough ups…
    Stop pre-game popcorn!

  20. Unable to watch
    Yesterday’s game; tix to friends
    Good I couldn’t see?

  21. Curses! Air Force won.
    Army, Navy losses too.

    classic blunders, babe.
    Don’t do land war in Asia,
    Don’t pass without blocks.

  22. Time for Mids’ war face
    Hate those trash talking Zoomies

  23. Or maybe never passed at all… and maybe we could have won.

    • True. In football, much like life, I’ve always found that the most successful enterprises are the ones that keep doing the same thing over and over again regardless of the situation. “Never adapt!” should be our rallying cry.

  24. “Never adapt” is kind of snarky when the 800 pound parrot in room is why for 2 straight games do we abandon run game inside the 10 yard line with a positive down count and produce nothing or negative yards. Have coaches lost confidence in run game. just asking

    • I don’t know that I’d call a 2-pt conversion a “positive down count.” The team practices specific 2-pt conversion plays. They picked one. As for last week, refer to last week’s post.

  25. Mids are well coached
    and resilient. home losses
    rare. now, beat Air Force!

  26. Pass plays well conceived
    Connections missing on some
    Blocking on others

  27. Tuesday, yet still i
    struggle to find the right words:
    “Must block and make throws”?

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