Postgame Haiku, Vol. 80

Navy is not good
Maybe later they can be
They have work to do


40 Responses

  1. Love Keenan Reynolds,
    But he’s pressing way too hard.
    Make a fieldgoal please!

  2. Loss to Air Force sucks!
    Mentally and physically
    Navy beat themselves.

  3. They are who we thought
    they were, and we still lost. Crap!
    Offense, where are you?

  4. Hate Air Force winning
    Air Force coached better today
    Rather be 1-11 (af loss)

  5. Suckered on pass plays,
    Gave up long drives in the third
    Not the Navy way.

  6. Seventeen point spot
    Season in extremis now
    Buckle down Navy!!!

  7. Kicker and QB spots should be open…..didn’t Reynolds replace a fumbling/struggling QB?

    • bullshit. plus tago is injured

    • Post Game Haiku so
      If you’re not going to haiku
      save it for later

  8. Heisman talk a jinx?
    Hubris? Overconfidence?
    Where did Navy go?

  9. No QB is safe
    from the “Bench the quarterback!”
    crap from Navy fans

  10. Finding ways to lose
    Looks like two zero one one
    Hope that I am wrong

  11. the zoomies deserved the “W”
    N*AVY gets an “A”
    and viewers on CBS
    het stuck with cross … again !

    • what?

  12. This team beats itself
    Overconfidence won’t win
    Return to basics

  13. Navy seems Brain Dead
    Since Football Season Began
    What Chance Recover

  14. Halftime adjustments
    Made by Air Force coaches worked
    For Navy did not

  15. This is what happens
    When hurting quarterbacks play
    Season in decline

    Please let Keenan heal
    Win, lose or draw with Tago
    We need new kicker

  16. Injured quarterback
    Leading anemic offense
    What is coach thinking?

  17. Apparently fans
    know that keenan is injured
    but do they really?

  18. This is frustrating.
    The Mids are better than this.
    Time to right the ship!

  19. Winning 9 last year
    Does not mean you will this year
    we are 2 and 4

  20. Misplaced loyalty
    Is playing injured players
    Coach needs a wake-up

  21. Air Force played better
    Navy was beat on all sides
    i want my mommy

  22. Joe Anonymous
    Is the name of stupid troll
    Needs to get a life

  23. I had bigger hopes
    For Keenan’s return to scene
    Of his great debut

  24. Air Force gets the win
    A week to skip the tape twice
    Back to basics boys

  25. Don’t know what to say
    Need to really buckle down
    Support. Don’t complain

  26. High expectations
    Have turned to disappointment
    Season on the brink

  27. Better look at tape
    VMI will be ready
    But will the Mids be?

  28. Dear Pentagon
    Please bring back Army Air Corps
    Tired of Zoomies

  29. “Season on the brink!”
    If I hear that line again
    I just might vomit

  30. Tough loss all around
    Parrish and Noah will step up
    Hungry Mids will respond

  31. Don’t give up the ship
    I WILL fight I WILL believe
    Trust your brothers now

  32. Jasper play calling has cost 3 games.

    • Could you at least try
      To put your scorching hot takes
      In form of haiku?

    • Jasper hasn’t cost
      you anything. What are you
      watching with? Your rank?

      Love to have IJ
      Hold a public film session
      Humiliate you

  33. Losing to Air Farce
    Is like sucking a lemon
    Brighter days ahead

  34. Much too common now
    to post haiku on mondays.
    Too mad on game day.

    Need to protect ball,
    and play more consistently
    on offense to win!

  35. Hot needles in eyes
    Or watch a replay of game
    Post game brief despair?

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