Postgame Haiku, Vol. 85

That was way too close
San Diego here we come
Someone check my pulse


18 Responses

  1. Black Friday shopping?
    You missed the real excitement
    San Diego bound

  2. Qualcomm Stadium
    Soon to see the nation’s best
    option football team

  3. Hats off to the man
    Fifty-five big wins

  4. Poinsettia Bowl
    Here we come but oh my God
    Must get pacemaker

  5. Fumbles. Turnovers.
    It shouldn’t have been this close.
    Victory’s still sweet.

  6. Cardiacs Galore
    Navy to San Diego
    Now Lets BEAT ARMY

  7. USA, USA, huh?
    Rooting against USA?
    Glad its not hockey

  8. Navy to a bowl
    Keenan breaks touchdown record
    Baker’s dozen time

  9. Fumbleitus, Ugh
    Nearly gave the game away
    Can’t let Army win

  10. Stupid announcers
    Run cliches into the ground
    Now let’s go bowling!

  11. Take this game Jaguars
    We’ve run out of feet to shoot
    Oh well, had your chance

  12. not the kind of game
    my stomach needed after
    thanksgiving gut bust

  13. Now onto Army
    Rear not your head now.

  14. I was there. USA had 9 guys in the box all day. They were very susceptible to the pass. Fumbles, mistakes, sleep walking in Q1, but a win.

  15. Coach Ken ties George Welsh
    Keenum passes Crouch and Colin
    Navy holds on, wins.

  16. Wags, Bird Dog, Nav Sports
    Earn kudos for Twitter feed.
    Go Navy crush Whoops.

  17. What went wrong down there?
    Were our back’s hands all greasy?
    Hang on to the ball!

    • I know–do not whine,
      A win is always a win.
      Still hope for better.

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