Navy Notables – 12/21/14

Good Morning!  We’re about 36 hours from kickoff for the Poinsettia Bowl (9:30pm EST on the 23rd).  I hope everyone either took the 24th off or has some 5 Hour Energy ready for the next morning.  Let’s get to the news.

CBS Sports announced their 2015 Patriot League lacrosse TV schedule and, much like years past, it’s rather underwhelming.  Only two Navy games (and 11 total Patriot League games) will be televised.  Navy gets on air with a visit from Boston University on March 28th and the Army-Navy game on April 11th at NMCMS.  I understand that CBS is a large college basketball outlet and there is a lot of inventory that has to be shown, much of which overlaps with lacrosse season.  I suppose this is our annual reminder that lacrosse isn’t as big as we sometimes think it is.  Thankfully, there is still the Patriot League digital network online, so we’ll get to see more games there.

There is a lot of press out there for the upcoming bowl game.  I’m not going to link everything here, so instead I will point you to the San Diego Union Tribune bowl page.  Between that and some quality stories from Bill Wagner over at the Capital Gazette, you can get through lunch today and tomorrow with some good reads.  I will, however, put this photo from the story on the visit from former WR Doug Furman here so that we all may bask in the glory of his moustache.

There’s a little SWO in all of us…even helo pilots.

Quick hits:

6 thoughts on “Navy Notables – 12/21/14

  1. Navy81

    The brand-new American Sports Network which is the contracted sports channel for the Patriot League is not scheduled to broadcast any lacrosse games this year. This may change going forward.

    1. we’ll see what comes of that. it doesn’t have wide distribution (under 40M HH’s) and didn’t carry much PL fall inventory, with just 2 football and 2 soccer games. it could certainly grow in the future, but I would have thought CBSCS coverage of lax would have grown more than that by now. and FYI it’s not a standalone channel, but rather branding of sports being shown on CW and MyNet affiliates

  2. navy68

    It’s not so much lacrosse that kills itself, it is the shortened academic year that limits “spring” lax games… most are cold, wet and windswept late winter affairs

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