Navy defensive coordinator Buddy Green to take sabbatical – Capital Gazette

Navy defensive coordinator Buddy Green to take sabbatical – Capital Gazette.

Losing Coach Green in any capacity is a significant blow. Fortunately, if anyone can step in and call the plays on Saturdays, it’s Coach Pehrson, who has seen everything that’s worked and not worked at Navy since 1996. Game day duties are only one part of the equation, though. Coach Green is one of Navy’s best recruiters, covering the Carolinas. And while he will apparently continue his role in film study and game prep, he has additional responsibilities in coaching Navy’s secondary. Coach Jones, who also coaches the secondary, will presumably pick up that slack, but it remains to be seen how the staff will adjust to make up for Green’s absence during the week.


4 thoughts on “Navy defensive coordinator Buddy Green to take sabbatical – Capital Gazette

  1. Monty93

    This makes me sad. I hope he gets well soon, both because it sucks that he’s hurting and because I think he’s an underrated part of why Navy has been so successful in the “Option era”.

    While Coach Niumat and Coach Jasper seem to get almost all of the credit, I think Coach Green and the defense have done more than their share to help Navy win. A lot of teams SAY they’re all about “bend don’t break” but Navy really does it, most of the time anyway. What good is it for Navy to run up tons of yards and points if the other team spends the entire game Tebowing in the end zone?

    I’m still hopeful, though. One mark of a good leader is that he has trained his replacement so if he gets taken out of the fight, the unit can continue. I don’t have any reason to doubt this will be the case for the Navy defense but I’m still just a wee a bit nervous about it.

    In the end, Coach Niumat did the difficult, but right thing. After all, it’s only football, no matter how important it seems on Saturdays.

    Get well soon, Coach!

  2. Anonymous

    Coach Green has been invaluable to the NAVY football team but more important , he is a quality human being. All alumni and NAVY fans salute him and wish him good health and freedom from pain. If that takes time, so be it. Get well Coach, we have your back!

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