Postgame Haiku, Vol. 88

Navy played Colgate
Let’s forget the first quarter
Hey, what a great game!


12 Responses

  1. slow start, strong finish-
    plenty to work on, build on.
    First win in the books!

  2. Geezus Crest Colgate
    Navy’s molar opposite
    Your floss, our gain.

    • 8, 1, Zoltan-san
      Haiku very impressive
      One more syllable.

  3. Fullbacks romped today.
    Keenan OK. D good, too.
    First one down. Big Whew!

    • Uh, Keenan played pretty well. Colgate just decided to play it that way, hence the fullbacks.

  4. Fumble, penalty
    A slow start to the season
    Big win, all better.

  5. The Swain Train to start.
    Then our BIG fullbacks clean up.
    Downright punishing!

  6. Hey, Army West Point
    That’s how you’re supposed to beat
    An FCS team

  7. They say A’s make plays
    But what about the B-backs?
    B’s just bring the pain.

  8. Was it only me
    Startled sighting helmets that
    Look like Army “A”?

  9. Never take the ball
    Nothing but bad things happen
    Nice Recovery!

  10. Sound one prolonged blast
    All engines ahead fullbacks
    We are underway!

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