Postgame Haiku, Vol. 92

Well if nothing else
O better than Georgia Tech’s
Small consolation


30 Responses

  1. You can’t win the game
    When you turn the ball over
    Deep in your own half

  2. Needed perfection
    And some big stops on third down.
    Motrin, then Tulane.

  3. Fumbles, Missed Tackles,
    D not stopping third and long
    Navy Hopes Faded

  4. Had to be perfect.
    Navy was far from perfect,
    So they did not win.

  5. Go undefeated
    and reach everlasting fame,
    don’t play Notre Dame.

  6. Hoped for perfection
    What could go wrong did go wrong
    Couldn’t buy a stop

  7. Cannot give away 17 points and win against ND! Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. From: The BirddogSent: Saturday, October 10, 2015 6:55 PMTo: edstraw@att.netReply To: The BirddogSubject: [New post] Postgame Haiku, Vol. 92

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    Mike posted: “Well if nothing else O better than Georgia Tech’s Small consolation”

    • Had good haiku planned.
      Alas, it is forgotten.
      damn you, ADD.

    • With all due respect,
      Admiral Straw, sir: haiku
      is 5-7-5

  8. C in C trophy
    Conference championship
    Post season bowl win

  9. Was at work all day.
    Then found out the final score.
    Sigh. Disappointment.

  10. We had our chances
    Squandered, not aided by refs
    Kennan what matters

  11. Never liked Domers
    So why did we have to give
    Them the charity?

  12. Keenan ice on leg
    Who cares about notre dame?
    Let’s win division.

  13. I’m no good at haiku, but wanted see what Mike thought of Brian Kelly’s statement that he had now established a base way to defend the option teams.

  14. Had highest hopes
    can’t win when defeating self
    gut check time for Mids

  15. 17 point gift
    40 percent charity
    tithe is only 10

  16. “They beat Georgia Tech!
    They’ve figured out this offense!”
    False. Still, mattered not.

  17. Wow all the mistakes.
    Need to play better to win.
    Now on to Tulane.

  18. Glad to have Tago
    A solid backup QB
    No need to panic

  19. Brian VanGorder
    has a template for next year.
    Triple Option Solved!!!!!!


    • Hi, VanGorder here.
      Mids over six yards per run?
      Wish someone told me.

    • You guys know we lost, right?

    • Yeah, I know we lost.
      Just commenting on the news
      paper articles.

  20. Woulda, coulda, should…
    Needed to play perfect game
    Back to 0 and 0

    Proudest of the fight
    Respect on and off the field
    Bring on Green Wave!

    • Bring on THE Green Wave!

  21. Just as I had feared
    Not nearly as I had hoped
    Such is life against ND.

  22. The option is solved!
    Have them fumble the kickoff.
    Best defense ever!

  23. Need to let it go
    Tulane on the horizon
    Tago looked solid!

  24. Could not Haiku on
    Saturday. Way too upset!
    Heal up for Green Wave.

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