55 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 95

  1. SouthCentralPA

    We say, “Fear the Goat”
    Did we mention “Fear the Goat!”?
    Again, “FEAR THE GOAT!!”

    (I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’re going to get more than one vote in the AP poll this coming week…)

    1. GoMids

      He always picks us; coached at Navy, has a soft spot for us. Not that that’s a bad thing, I like that he always picks us.

  2. Ed Straw

    Huge win! Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. From: The BirddogSent: Saturday, November 7, 2015 10:18 PMTo: edstraw@att.netReply To: The BirddogSubject: [New post] Postgame Haiku, Vol. 95

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    Mike posted: “Control the tempo Control the Memphis offense Control division”

  3. purvisbread

    Lee Corso was right
    Glad to see it for a change
    What a victory!

    Just one small complaint
    Got to figure out the first
    Drive of second half!

  4. Jim McConnell

    Mike…..You called it…..Navy could surprise. I felt it, but who would have guessed we would take all the fight out of them in the last 20 minutes and completely blow them out of Liberty Bowl in their house!!!

  5. Sam W,

    Relatively new reader and too inebriated to write a haiku. I really appreciate the previews, analysis, and insight into Navy’s brand of football. I am looking forward to reading the recap from this game!

    USNA ’08

  6. Anonymous

    Best thing about this team: poise, guts, to hell with press clippings and hype. JUST DO YOUR JOB! Keenan understands that in his gut. The last give-away touchdown says it all: We are a band of brothers. It is not about any one of us –it it about all us together and Keep the Navy around the world smiling, knowing Navy football is in good hands. Jim ’51

    1. Anonymous

      Fifty two to zero
      Was just the chosen picture.
      Coach spoke in plural.

      My point was simply
      That it does happen elsewhere
      Some who will not stay.

      The only schools without
      Wine and cheese, society.
      Are those who do not win!

      The only teams sans
      Fickle fans are ones who lose.
      THEY get no tv.

      Dread the red hat, too
      But I know why he is there.
      Good day to you, Sir!

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