Postgame Haiku, Vol. 95

Control the tempo
Control the Memphis offense
Control division


55 Responses

  1. We say, “Fear the Goat”
    Did we mention “Fear the Goat!”?
    Again, “FEAR THE GOAT!!”

    (I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’re going to get more than one vote in the AP poll this coming week…)

    • that limb is supported by drunk writers

  2. Once again our D
    Plays strong from start to finish.
    This team is somethin’

  3. Couldn’t breathe all game,
    What a monumental win!
    Keep it rolling boys!

  4. Bend but don’t break D!
    The big stick spread all around!
    What a statement game!

  5. Reynolds Leadership.
    Saint Christopher: 3 big scores
    Navy leader in the west!

  6. Keenan unselfish
    Running clock tick tick tick tick
    Sound of victory

  7. Enjoy Mid Football?
    We are AMERICA’s team
    Kicking ass worldwide

  8. Navy wins and BIG
    Who woulda thunk it and NOW
    We all believe it

  9. Keenan unselfish

    TEAM bigger than his record

    Great team win by all !!!!!!

  10. Memphis, we are beasts!
    Inside, outside, we ran it!
    Mostly over you!

  11. Someone may have said
    Good thing to join a conference
    Gladchuk is genius

    • Drop the “is” for five.

    • Gladchuk and genius
      have two syllables apiece
      the way I say them

    • Damn haiku police
      Just enjoy the win and beers
      IPA for all!

  12. Ship, Shipmate, then Self
    No record ’cause Reynolds chose
    Huge win for the team

  13. No one picked Navy
    Of all the “experts,” not one
    “Experts” are funny

    • I kept thinking of this all week:

      Do we have a chance? We’ve got a hell-of-a chance!

    • Actually Lee Corso picked us.

    • He always picks us; coached at Navy, has a soft spot for us. Not that that’s a bad thing, I like that he always picks us.

  14. Relevance, baby
    Midshipman Captain Reynolds
    Six stripes plus Heisman!

  15. Magic in Memphis!
    As Pat B said, “We belong.”
    Up next: The Record.

    • Anyone know what happened to that 15-yard penalty that was to be assessed on the 2nd half kickoff?

    • can’t carryover as it was during the play and not dead ball

  16. Huge win! Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. From: The BirddogSent: Saturday, November 7, 2015 10:18 PMTo: edstraw@att.netReply To: The BirddogSubject: [New post] Postgame Haiku, Vol. 95

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    Mike posted: “Control the tempo Control the Memphis offense Control division”

    • Do you know what a Haiku is?

  17. Ken’s message to team
    Is “Do Your Job.” Turns out,
    The players listen.

  18. Lee Corso was right
    Glad to see it for a change
    What a victory!

    Just one small complaint
    Got to figure out the first
    Drive of second half!

  19. Next Level-itis:
    “THEY were ranked number 13?!?
    Cool; what’s that make us???”

  20. When Jimmy’s and Joes
    Execute X’s & O’s
    You must Fear the Goat!!!

  21. Halftime adjustments?
    Navy tacks on twenty-eight
    Holds Memphis to ten.

  22. Expected to win
    But never saw THAT coming
    One and oh baby

  23. Men mean more than stats
    In the rating of QB’s
    Reynolds for Heisman

  24. Mike…..You called it…..Navy could surprise. I felt it, but who would have guessed we would take all the fight out of them in the last 20 minutes and completely blow them out of Liberty Bowl in their house!!!

  25. Keenan on doorstep
    Checks out of keeper for toss
    Wins above records

  26. Walkin in Memphis
    45 on the scoreboard
    Feel the way I feel

  27. Relatively new reader and too inebriated to write a haiku. I really appreciate the previews, analysis, and insight into Navy’s brand of football. I am looking forward to reading the recap from this game!

    USNA ’08

    • your kind words are appreciated.

      but they do not save you from the no-haiku thumbs down

    • don’t feel bad,even the ADM can’t figure it out

    • hold on a second
      no haiku thumbs down for me?
      well played crafty rogues

  28. Best thing about this team: poise, guts, to hell with press clippings and hype. JUST DO YOUR JOB! Keenan understands that in his gut. The last give-away touchdown says it all: We are a band of brothers. It is not about any one of us –it it about all us together and Keep the Navy around the world smiling, knowing Navy football is in good hands. Jim ’51

    • Jim, we love you man,
      But as hard nosed warrior poets,
      We have our standards,

  29. Been twenty-two hours
    Time to haiku, heartbeat down
    Ranked twenty-two; Woooo!!

    • Must be one of those one-syllable “hours”

    • I’m from Texas.

  30. The crowd screamed loudly
    Forty five points quiets them
    Beat down is over

  31. Better late than never:

    One undefeated
    in all-time conference play.
    Say hello, Navy.

  32. No Twitter account…
    Bama has the same fan problem
    See the link below

    Commence the eye roll
    Indeed. Crapitol must still
    Sell its fish wrappers.

    No Twitter account
    Makes me feel like stalker.

    • I don’t think the end
      Of fifty-two to nothing
      Is quite the same thing

    • Fifty two to zero
      Was just the chosen picture.
      Coach spoke in plural.

      My point was simply
      That it does happen elsewhere
      Some who will not stay.

      The only schools without
      Wine and cheese, society.
      Are those who do not win!

      The only teams sans
      Fickle fans are ones who lose.
      THEY get no tv.

      Dread the red hat, too
      But I know why he is there.
      Good day to you, Sir!

  33. Deadliest weapon
    In football is Keenan and
    His triple option

  34. Hit them where they ain’t,
    Team efforts usually win,
    Go Goats, Beat them all.

    • “Hit them where they ain’t?”
      Willie Keeler baseball quote
      One season too soon.

  35. I must surely say
    A comment is a haiku
    But replies are not.

    • Haiku, please, Haiku
      To do otherwise is just
      Lowering the bar

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