Postgame Haiku, Vol. 97

Missed most of the game
Tulsa scores on everyone
But not on Navy


28 Responses

  1. Fumblin’ and rumblin’
    That’s a shank-opotamus!
    WNAV rocks!

    • Mike: I was listening to the game on WNAV while driving back to Raleigh from Charlotte. Omar Nelson kept making a point about Will Anthony’s position having been changed for this game, and how it contributed to his having such a big game. Not being able to see what was going on, I didn’t really get his point. Can you comment?

    • I didn’t see most of the game either. Maybe someone else can say. I’ll look when I watch

    • They moved Will anothy out to the 5 or 6 gap when we rushed three and a couple of times when we play four down lineman

  2. Each game is better
    Defense is ridiculous
    Now let’s beat Houston

  3. Norwood can’t stop him
    19 rushes past 30
    Now go beat Houston

  4. Hard to comprehend
    how good this team is playing.
    Both O and D Rock!

  5. Nuke it out Tulsa
    Navy equals m c squared

  6. Outstanding defense!
    Love triple option football!
    Beat Houston Cougars!

  7. Offense always there
    Now they add a great defense
    Even special teams made plays

    • Gave myself thumbs down
      Tried to haiku while talking
      Lost track of the count

    • More believable
      Tried to haiku while chugging
      Lost track of the beers

  8. Was it a trap game?
    Looks like we sprung that sucker
    On Tulsa’s offense.

  9. You rattle their brains
    Too much D drives team insane
    Great balls of fire

  10. D dominates Canes
    O rolls to five hundred plus
    Keenan keeps scoring

  11. Cougar coaching staff
    Crapping in their pants right now
    Will burn midnight oil

  12. Plans for long weekend?
    Forget Black Friday shopping
    Houston at High Noon !!

  13. National TV
    Navy plays Houston Cougars
    Navy on a roll!

  14. After Navy games
    I am always wanting more
    I can’t get enough!

  15. First quarter was bad
    But next three made up for it
    Enjoying the ride

  16. They say defense wins
    Championships. Looks like ours
    Is playing for keeps

  17. It’s fun for a sec
    To think where they’d be if they’d
    Beaten Notre Dame.

    • Only for a sec
      Houstoni delenda est
      is our motto now.

    • Cato the Elder
      “Delenda est Carthago”
      Dude, cool reference

    • Ceterum autem
      Censeo Houstoninem
      Esse delendam

      Now officially
      I have gone and jumped the shark
      AND nuked the fridge, eh?

  18. Saints’ ball overcome
    Gametracker on Navy app
    Back muscle pull cured!

    • That was me, oops

  19. Navy’s nine and one
    Best since nineteen sixty three
    Goats love cougar meat

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