Throwback Thursday


After a careful analysis of his situation, Lamar Owens decides that his best course of action is to not be tackled:


8 Responses

  1. Tomlinson – “if you’re gonna fall, you might as well fall into the endzone. here, let me help.”

  2. 5.75 Newtons applied at this 15 degree angle from the horizontal should be sufficient to complete the maneuver.

  3. Watt is the unit of power?

  4. No green jerseys = that. And separated shoulders.

  5. Was there…will never forget it, nor the run he had at Duke that season as well. I rarely attend away games, but I was at Duke for that one.

  6. Oh man, I’d forgotten about that play. On par with the shot that one of our DBs (Blake Edwards maybe?) laid on Jimmy Clausen at the goal line a few years later.

    • Oops, combined Kevin Edwards and Blake Carter (RIP) into a single player.

  7. I think it was Edwards. 2009 game. Last play of the third quarter. 7-point play: Goal line stop + fumble, recovered by Navy.

    Clausen sat there forever holding his forearm. ND stadium was silent.

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