Postgame Haiku, Vol. 101

Navy beats Fordham
When is a win not a win?
Now we wait for news


12 Responses

  1. Now it’s time to learn
    how bad a knee is hurt and
    what a backup’s Worth

  2. Such execution
    Starters and Mids off the bench
    World class coaching staff

  3. Hey kid in the stands!
    Get down here! Get suited up!
    Now you’re in the game.

  4. Sad that Tago down
    But good to see Chris “mile high”
    Let’s raise our net Worth

  5. Tago cloud hangs low
    Blocking sun from High’s great day
    Champagne of Fullbacks

  6. O line got good reps
    Tough to learn much from this game
    Candles lit for knee.

  7. Bummer for Tago.
    Plebe sommoned down from the stands.
    Fourth quarter QB.

  8. Tago down, High time
    New Swain train matches brother
    Surgeon for the win?

  9. Place hand in bucket
    Take hand out and see the hole
    You’ll leave behind you.

    Leadership lesson:
    Must know job of man ahead
    Mission above all

    A&M Twelfth Man?
    That is so old and busted
    Behold new hotness.

  10. O-line was a strength,
    Fullback was pretty good too,
    CB not so much.

  11. Lo, Ivin the Great!
    Legacy proves it’s High Worth,
    Plebe blows up Twitter!

    D stands in red zone,
    Overthrown passes our friend
    Let’s mush the Huskies!

  12. Fifty-two Navy points scored
    Offensive line looked quite good
    Plebe arms are aching

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