Yes, I am aware of the “controversy” surrounding NAPS and admissions and whatnot. No, I’m not going to talk about it beyond the few sentences you’re about to read.

Nothing whips up page views for the Capital quite like a Naval Academy argument, and that’s all we have here: the Capital stirring a non-existent pot. Now that the Bruce Fleming admissions crusade has sort of run its course (at least until he writes his next book), the Capital has simply redirected those same arguments toward the prep school. What? NAPS is a “back door” for candidates with lower grades to get into USNA? No shit, assholes. That’s what it’s always been there for. Strangely, not everyone shares the opinion that SAT scores are the alpha and omega of what makes for a good naval officer. The prep school is a way to get those candidates with potential– but lower scores– the chance to prepare for the academic rigors of USNA life. It couldn’t be more straightforward, but by repeatedly using phrases like “back door” the Capital is clearly trying to cast NAPS as some shady, secret enterprise. The whole routine is a joke.

Take a close look at this article. What is the story? That a Naval Academy graduate wrote an e-mail to a senator. That’s it. I mean, really? This is news? I’m a Naval Academy graduate, Earl. Would anyone write a story if I sent a few e-mails? That newsprint was wasted on something as ridiculous as some random disgruntled grad shooting e-mails to Jim Webb just illustrates the Capital’s intent. My link to that pathetic “story” is as close as I’ll come to playing along.

If you think the Academy should do away with the admissions board altogether and just accept the top 1000 SAT scores that apply, good for you. I’ve already responded to that. I’ll respond to a new argument when someone actually makes one.

Loose Change, 3/21/08

I’m even mailing it in on my weekly links. Holy crap I suck…

  • Here’s a Q&A with Lehigh’s women’s lacrosse coach, who seems to hold the upstart Navy team in fairly high regard.
  • The Richmond Times-Dispatch had a nice little article about Chris Harris.
  • A wrestler at NAPS, Aaron Kalil, won a national title.
  • Speaking of wrestling, three Navy wrestlers have advanced to the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament.
  • Inside Lacrosse has their analysis of Navy lacrosse’s 4-3 OT win over Bucknell here. One point here… Sean Burns says, “I don’t know exactly how a team that has made four straight NCAA tournaments and came into the season ranked No. 9 in the country can play the ‘no respect’ card, but Navy seems to be doing just that in ’08.” He then follows that up with a heading of, “Patriot League: no longer Navy’s playground.” Gee, I wonder where Navy’s getting that idea?
  • And in non-sports news, some duty driver is probably in a lot of trouble right now.

Again, I apologize for my recent funk. One day I hope to write something worth reading.