eBay Scavenger Hunt, Vol. 1

There are dozens of old Navy game programs on eBay at any given time. This one, however, is a bit different. First, it’s supposedly signed by the enitre Navy team, including Roger Staubach. Second, whoever is selling it has the date wrong. The seller says it’s from the ’67 game, but that’s actually the program from 1964. Obviously, since Roger had already been to Vietnam and back by the ’67 Army-Navy game.

Chronological faux pas aside, signed memorabilia is something I get nervous about buying anywhere, let alone on eBay. But if you aren’t paranoid like me, it’s worth a look.

2 thoughts on “eBay Scavenger Hunt, Vol. 1

  1. I’ve never had a collector’s heart. If the actual signing of the item isn’t part of my memory, I don’t think it could be special to me.
    Of course, I’ve also never had a sentimental heart, so I’d probably just sell any autographed stuff on eBay…

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