eBay Scavenger Hunt, Vol. 2

If you’re like me and love collecting old Navy football footage, this item will catch your eye.  This auction is for highlights from the 1954 Army-Navy game, captured on 16mm film. The 27-20 Navy win is widely considered one of the best games in series history. Navy entered the game with the nation’s top-ranked defense. Army entered the game having won 7 in a row and featuring the country’s top offense. Red Blaik vs. Eddie Erdelatz. Don Holleder vs. George Welsh & Ron Beagle. Navy’s “Team Named Desire” went on to shut out Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl, 21-0. Truly a classic game with some great teams.

There are services that will convert 16mm film to DVD, in case you were wondering.

eBay Scavenger Hunt, Vol. 1

There are dozens of old Navy game programs on eBay at any given time. This one, however, is a bit different. First, it’s supposedly signed by the enitre Navy team, including Roger Staubach. Second, whoever is selling it has the date wrong. The seller says it’s from the ’67 game, but that’s actually the program from 1964. Obviously, since Roger had already been to Vietnam and back by the ’67 Army-Navy game.

Chronological faux pas aside, signed memorabilia is something I get nervous about buying anywhere, let alone on eBay. But if you aren’t paranoid like me, it’s worth a look.