Slow News Day

Compared to the excitement of media day, the rest of the week has been sort of slow. A quick scan of the web reveals:

  • Congratulations are in order for Doug Wojcik as he earned a contract extension from Tulsa. 20-win seasons will do that for you. Actually, since last year was probably the first of what will be many 20-win seasons under DW, maybe I should be congratulating Tulsa.
  • A New Jersey columnist providing some bulletin board material.
  • A Colorado Springs columnist provides some too, although a bit more unintentionally. I think.
  • Northern Illinois’ kicker is looking forward to his team’s trip to Annapolis in November.
  • The football season has its first knucklehead.
  • A writer for’s Temple site thinks that Navy has all the advantages in their season-opening game. This is premium content on Scout, so unless you’ve subscribed you won’t be able to read it. I wouldn’t exactly be rushing to pull out the ol’ wallet yet. The big advantage discussed here is that Navy has an extra five days of practice. Not an extra five practices, just an extra five days to accomplish the same number of practices. I think it’s a slow news day in Philadelphia too.
  • Troy Calhoun being Born-Again Option.

I’m going to compare a couple of quotes. Here’s something that Coach Calhoun said in January:

“I think you still have to run some option,” Calhoun said. “It’s tough to defend, but we have to find ways to get more predetermined carries. You can find the guy who is a pretty darn good player and start to feed that guy the ball 20 to 22 times a game. And a good one only gets better. He starts to get into a little bit of a rhythm, feeling a knack for a cut or where a hole might start to open.

“Then, ultimately on offense, you have to be balanced. Defenses are bigger, they move much better and because of that, they are going to clog up some spaces if you don’t make them work all 53-plus yards widthwise and go ahead and push the ceiling a little bit down the field. We’re going to be a balanced offense.”

Now in this morning’s article:

“It’s going to be part of what we do,” Calhoun said of the triple-option, which was brought to the academy by DeBerry nearly three decades ago. “That’s where we’re going to start.”

“Candidly, these guys were recruited to work out of a pure triple-option system,” Calhoun said. “And so you’re going to see a good bit of option with what we do offensively, and in due time you may see us become a little more balanced as far as playcalls go. And yet first and foremost, you’re going to do everything you can to win this year.”

It’s a subtle shift, going from “some option” with “more predetermined carries” to having the offense start with the option and seeing a “good bit of it.” Moving from “being balanced” to “maybe being balanced eventually.” Subtle, but significant; probably gives some insight as to what Calhoun sees as his team’s talent level. Or at least the talent level relative to what he wants to do on offense.

That’s about it. FYI, CSTV is showing last year’s ECU and Tulsa games this weekend. ECU on Saturday at 9 a.m. and Sunday at 3:30 p.m. (ET); Tulsa at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Slow News Day

  1. navy68

    saw the Politi article…. he’s always trying to start a controversy

    a few short years ago, when these schedules were made, Rutgers was
    the patsy…. some RU fans & beat writers have short memories.

    love to burst their bubble on 7 Sep

  2. Gary

    I just posted my comment there and the guy is obviously a typical NY/NJ cocky arrogant (Yankee fan I am sure) ass.
    But thats typical of all their fans who not that long ago couldnt get 20,000 into their stadium.
    Now they are talking about 20,000 seats additional and joining the Big 10??
    Get a friggin grip!
    I really hope the boys are psyched out of their minds to beat that team in their home on national TV.
    THAT-would be something special.
    We pounded Rice last year and I am sure no matter how untested the D is our coaches will have them flying to the ball and he will not have it easy.
    If we ca handle the early pressure and score early on them and force them to perform….lets see if they dont get tight and their own ‘faithful” will turn on them like all “fair weather” fans in this area always do.
    But up first-Temple!

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