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There’s been all kinds of hints about another Maryland game in Baltimore lately. This time it comes from the Baltimore Sun. Unlike the mention in the Examiner last week, it’s clear here that the game is far from a done deal. Our 2010 schedule as it stands right now is:

Sept. 11 . . .Rutgers
Sept. 25 . . .at Wake Forest
Oct. 2 . . . .at Air Force
Oct. 16 . . . SMU
Oct. 23 . . . Notre Dame (Baltimore)
Nov. 6 . . . .at East Carolina
Nov. 13 . . . Delaware
Nov. 20 . . . at Houston
Dec. 4 . . . .Army (Philadelphia)

With Rutgers and Wake Forest already on the schedule, plus resurgent programs in Houston, East Carolina, and maybe even SMU, 2010 might not be the best year for this game to happen– especially considering that we’re already scheduled to play another game in Baltimore that year. But if it means getting another million dollar check, it almost has to happen eventually.

UPDATE: OK, WTF Baltimore Sun? Talk about a complete re-write of an article after I posted it. Anyway, now that the article is updated with Chet’s response, I guess it doesn’t have to happen eventually. Apparently he’s upset at last year’s missed opportunity. There’s clearly more to this story.

11 thoughts on “More Maryland Talk

  1. Gary

    I think as you say something went wrong after the first game.
    If I recall that game was the potential start of more games between us..but…
    Was it because we had them down and should have beat them and as MD was saying last year about their possible Bowl game vs Navy (we dont want to play them its a no win situation for us).
    It may be because we are tougher than they wanted?

  2. thebirddog

    I didn’t say that anything went wrong after the last game. Actually, I think the opposite. My guess is that the last game went off SO well, and with so much said about how great it was, that Chet figured that both teams would love a chance to build that local tradition by playing in a bowl game. But once the opportunity came to do just that, Maryland looked down their noses at it. Essentially, Chet was looking to build a long-term relationship with Maryland, while he feels that Maryland just wants to deal with Navy when it suits them.

  3. Chris

    I wouldn’t say they “looked down their noses” at Navy. They went after a better deal for them. They got more money and played an opponent from a power conference.
    I would sincerely hope that if Navy had been in the same position Maryland was in last December, that Chet would have done the exact same thing Maryland did.

  4. thebirddog

    They split their money with the conference, so it’s all the same to them. and if playing someone from the Big 10 is perceived as better, that’s kind of the point.

  5. thebirddog

    Not sure if anyone saw this posted in the comments of the article:

    “Yow said it best at a booster meeting, i’ll paraphrase…sometimes it concerns me these people have to make decisions to defend the country.”

    If this is true, then I’m content never playing Maryland again. I still think the game is going to happen, though.

  6. Gary

    WTF is that supposed to mean?
    I wont even take a try-but BD what is your interpretation?
    If its an insult then -why be content not playing them again rather than beating the hell out of them.

  7. thebirddog

    It appears that half of the comments in that article were deleted. There’s a new one there, though, that makes a lot of sense:

    “First, Ms Yow started this exchange by trying to make her case in the media. Mr. Gladchuk then said, “Don’t try to lay blame on Navy and say you want to play this game SOOOO bad when you could have made it happen last December.” If she had kept the negotiations where they belonged, this wouldn’t be in the Sun.
    Second, think back to last November – the Terps ACTIVELY campaigned for the Champs bid, including guaranteeing ticket sales above and beyond existing allotment – they ended up eating those tickets. I recall a quote from Coach Freidgen saying he liked the Terps’ chances to win in Orlando…before they had the bid or knew the BigTen opponent. Hard not to read into that some ducking of Navy.
    Will the game be better in Baltimore than in Charlotte? Sure. But Ms Yow needs to avoid underhanded sniping in the press at a fellow AD with whom she’s trying to close a deal. Mr. Gladchuk is just playing like a big boy. “

  8. Gary

    Yeah but whats her concern about “these people that have to make decisions to defend the country’?
    Is that just her “Hillary for President-Bush is the devil” attitude and general disdain of the military in general showing?
    We know that no matter what happens Chet will make the right call for us.
    We have lived this long without playing them before the last game- its no real life/death matter from my perspective anymore (even though I really wanted it).
    If there is no respect being shown and false accusations at us -do we need it?

  9. thebirddog

    IF it was even said– I don’t want to go overboard with message board hearsay, now– it has nothing to do with politics. It was just a shot at Chet & Co.

  10. Gary

    It sounds like nothing any respectable AD or person associated with any college athletics dept. would say.
    I am surprised not to hear from any MD fans.

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