Bill Wagner Has a Blog

The chances of anyone reading my nonsense anymore just got crushed like an Air Force safety trying to tackle Kyle Eckel. Bill Wagner has started a Navy sports blog. Navy fans now have a blog by someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. Those of you who aren’t interested in the opinions of someone who actually attends practices and talks to players and coaches, feel free to stick around here!

In other news, Ron Snyder has been busy lately. Don’t miss his interview with Paul Johnson as well as his piece on Antron Harper. Antron seems to be the writers’ favorite this year, probably due to a combination of having an interesting background and being friggin’ awesome. His isn’t the only profile out today, though; Christian Swezey wrote a great piece on Clint Sovie.

Speaking of Wagner, he talked with Wayne Hardin about his time coaching Navy and Temple, plus his efforts to sell tickets to Friday’s game. I’m sure there are a lot of people who laugh at Hardin’s goal of selling out Lincoln Financial Field because there’s no way that it’s going to happen. Those people are missing the point. The important thing here is that Temple is making the effort. Aiming high is something that they haven’t done before, at least for football. It’s a good sign for a downtrodden program. I still hope we crush them, though.

Some more Temple talk includes a look at their MAC membership and head coach Al Golden.

4 thoughts on “Bill Wagner Has a Blog

  1. This is great news all around. The explosion of Navy football coverage over the past few months (including your blog) has been a much needed breath of fresh air. Not only that, but the amount of attention being paid to Navy via the Examiner and other newspapers has been outstanding as of late.

    BTW, lovely choice of that particular Kyle Eckel photo.

  2. thebirddog

    I’ve said it before, but it’s so much easier to be a Navy fan now than it used to be.

    That Eckel picture is the background on my cell phone.

  3. Gary

    Navy football- cant ever get enough.
    Now all we need to do is go undefeated or lose 1 game before we end the ND streak and then watch it really mushroom.
    How would it feel to be the Rutgers of this year team?
    Hey maybe then Navy fans would get loud and noisy at the games in NMC?

  4. squeeze

    Nice one Gary.

    I agree–Navy could be this year’s version of Rutgers last year and really given all the sophomores and juniors next year really could be the Rutgers of last year year…

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