The wait ends. Tonight, I ascend to the room over my garage, sit in my old chair, turn on the big screen, and abandon my family for four months. It’s like a mini-deployment with football and more comfortable furniture.

The process begins at 5:30 (ET) with Pete Medhurst and Joe Miller on the Tailgate show on WNAV. You can listen online at in case you didn’t know. Pregame show with Bob, Omar, & John is at 6:30, and kickoff at 7:30. For road games I like to listen to Bob & Omar while I turn the TV down. WNAV online is usually the most in sync with TV broadcasts, but unfortunately is the least reliable. The WBAL feed is solid, but can be 10-15 seconds behind. Same with the feed on All-Access. I haven’t tried on any of the other stations yet, but I’ll play around tonight to see which one works best. Mom, if you’re reading this, try 102.1 FM in Virginia Beach.

For additional coverage, Dave Ausiello will be blogging from the press box over at, so don’t miss that. I think Adam at Pitch Right will also be doing an in-game blog. I, however, will not. I’m not much fun to be with during a game. I wouldn’t subject you people to that. However, be sure to stop by soon after the game if Navy wins. If Navy loses, I’ll be busy picking a bridge in downtown Jacksonville to jump off of, so don’t bother.

So let’s get fired up for watching the game tonight. Unless you’re a mid, in which case you need to keep studying or else the terrorists will win. Hey, I’m a blogger at war!

Go Navy!

2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Gary

    If Navy loses we will all find that bridge.
    For me and my pals going from NY it will be the Walt Whitman.

    BTW- I watched Rutgers and we should be able to run all over them.
    However-caution we had better also be able to put in and make some pass plays.
    Buffalo-stinks but they seemed to put a good dent on that D with some short passes that helped set up some good runs.

    Now our D VS their O?
    Well Schiano made sure that he would set up Rice for the all time rushing record against us-to give the crowd more fire (he could have got him the last 16 yards-but no way-he wanted to save more thunder for us-SMART).
    But if we dont pressure Teel- it will end up like last year -but we will score more-it could be a high scoring game and come down to last team with the ball.

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