TV for Navy Basketball

The Patriot League announced its ESPNU TV lineup today, and it includes two Navy games; at Bucknell and at home against Army. Also included in the Navy release was the news that the San Diego State game would be covered by CSTV, bringing the total number of televised games this year to seven. The Army game will actually be a men’s/women’s Army-Navy doubleheader, with both games televised. And don’t forget that all of Navy’s home games will be shown online for CSTV All-Access subscribers.

Navy’s televised games:

11/23 vs. Seton Hall     TBA  CN8
11/24 vs. Penn/UVa     TBA  CN8
12/17 at San Diego State     7:00 pm (PT)  CSTV
1/11 at Bucknell     7:00 pm (ET)  ESPNU
1/27 vs. Army     Noon (ET)  ESPNU
2/23 at Army     2:00 pm (ET)  CBS
3/1 at Colgate     1:00 pm (ET)  Time-Warner Sports

Patriot League on ESPNU/ESPN2:

1/11 Navy at Bucknell     7:00 pm (ET)
1/18 Bucknell at Holy Cross     9:00 pm (ET)
1/27 Army at Navy     Noon (ET)
2/2 Lehigh at Holy Cross     Noon (ET)
2/3 Army at Bucknell     Noon (ET)
2/10 Lehigh at American     Noon (ET)
2/16 Holy Cross at Bucknell (ESPN2)     6:00 pm (ET)
2/17 American at Colgate     Noon (ET)
2/29 Holy Cross at Lehigh     9:00 pm (ET)
3/14 Championship Game (ESPN2)     4:30 pm (ET)

Patriot League Women’s Basketball on ESPNU:

1/20 Holy Cross at Bucknell     Noon (ET)
1/27 Army at Navy     2:30 pm (ET)
3/12 Championship Game     TBA

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