Well, we have our answer. Navy and Maryland won’t be playing in 2010. Debbie Yow doesn’t want to wait any longer and needs to fill her schedule.

I know that a lot of people enjoyed the 2005 game, and it wouldn’t have killed me to see it happen again. I’m not going to lose any sleep over this, though. Yow went to the media and tried to coerce Navy into making a deal, and Chet didn’t bite. Good for him. If Yow’s methods are an indication of the respect that she has for the Naval Academy, I’d guess that the terms of the deal weren’t going to be very equitable, either. That’s complete speculation, obviously. Just a hunch.

Anyway, no word yet on any additions to Navy’s 2010 schedule. The last schedule that was published in the media guide indicated that there were still three games left to be added. Navy is usually somewhat tight-lipped about its schedules since they can change on a dime.

UPDATE: Amazing how things can change when someone bothers to tell both sides of the story.

More here.

AND YET THERE’S MORE: This story just won’t give up. So now Debbie Yow wants to talk again? Sounds like someone had a little bit of egg on her face after it was revealed that, after all that grandstanding, she had backed out of an agreement. If this game happens, we can call it the Bill Wagner Bowl.

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  1. Gary

    Actually that was why I thought it would be a safe 2-3 years.
    Because as we know they could change into someone we would not want to face at some time in the near future.
    We seem to have Pitt at the right time……..or do we????
    Days will tell that story.

  2. jgish92

    With our defense I don’t think there is a right time for any team we face. I think it could be close, but I think we will have a hard time beating Pitt. Our only options seem to be outscoring the other team in a 50-49 type of game (like Duke game), or hoping the other team makes a bunch of stupid mistakes (like AF penalties). IF we are lucky enough to make it to a bowl game, and IF we play BYU, they really might put up 70 points.

  3. 4thDown

    For all of Gladchuck’s awesome innovations and advancements to Navy’s athletic outlook, the inability to make the MD game happen again is an embarrassment. Pure and simple. I’ve been a lifelong MD fan and nothing would satisfy me more than to be schizo once a year deciding who to root for in Baltimore. We look like idiots and, because we are purposely preventing a great thing for the state/region, we are idiots.

  4. gaetano01

    Between the initial articles on this issue and the Pat Forde / Florida Times-Union articles about PJ and BW, I’m seriously bothered about the lack of any kind of research being put into these journalistic pieces. At least Brad Olsen digs … these guys are just trolling message boards.

  5. Gary

    I dont think Chet/Navy was the problem with MD.
    It goes back to last years Meineke Bowl but it looks like nothing against our guy.
    While it would be a great game every year (though it may run its course if we got thumped every year-imagine this years score?) it was not us that prevented it.
    I still think we would be more competitive or beat with Syracuse, U Buffalo (arent they slated for Big East?).

  6. 4thDown

    I did read it and, just like everything else, there’s more than meets the eye, but the running theme from Navy’s perspective seems to be the Meineke Car Care Bowl “snub” or at least that’s come up way, way too often. Say it once in December at the time we feel slighted, fine. Revisiting it the next summer and beyond: whining. And, besides, the “snub” is a figment of the imagination because who would actually choose a lower bowl in North Carolina versus a higher, prime time TV bowl in Florida when your team hasn’t been to a bowl since 2003? Honestly, we need to let that one go.

    And given the 40 year track record previously of our refusal to schedule MD, we should be helping the cause a bit. No need to re-hash the he said, he did epsiode of Fishman and all that nonsense, at some point it was time to grow up and re-schedule them and we didn’t. Time to move ahead and, maybe we give up a little bit in the negotiation because we ended it in the first place.

    And I’m not saying MD is innocent of all charges. I’m just saying let’s make this happen for everybody’s sake…but I’m living in a dream world anyway.

  7. Anonymous

    screw that…give up something to a BCS school who obviously wants to play us? remember, it’s just as big a pay day for UMD as it is for Navy. They’ll certainly get more cash from a pro stadium sellout than a early season MAC opponent at home.

    Navy’s not some show dog in a tutu that can jump through hoops on command. We don’t have a problem filling our schedule. If Yow wants to play dirty and cry to the media “woe is me, we want Navy but they won’t play us” all the while backing out of agreements made in private, she can sit on it and spin for all I (and I’m sure a lot of other Navy fans) care.

  8. thebirddog

    Seriously. The “snub” isn’t even Chet’s point. Nobody blames Maryland for doing what was in their own interests, but if you’re going to do that then stop going to the media and crying about how Navy’s taking so long to do something that’s apparently not as important as you’ve been proclaiming. Chet’s point is that if Maryland is going to do what’s in their own interests, then so will Navy. If it doesn’t fit into Yow’s timetable, then that’s her problem.

    Navy doesn’t owe Maryland anything. The idea that Maryland was entitled to this game is preposterous. To give them reparations for not having played them is well past insane.

  9. Anonymous

    Gladchuk went on to say, “The stage was set for everything we had talked about, and all the good things that could have happened for fans – a big rematch, a bowl setting, a great city … it would have been a sellout in Charlotte, and they decided to do something else that has caused us to pause a little bit and think through the whole relationship.”

    That’s alright, I’d rather make the effort to schedule the natural local rivals like Towson and Delaware. Are you kidding me?

  10. Anonymous

    This is endless……..and does anyone think Terrapin fans are giving it that much thought as we have and still do?
    Why not try and get back with Virginia?
    Isnt that as much a geographical rivalry as MD that would bring many of their fans to Baltimore too?
    To be honest when I saw Towson on our futures I was like- why?
    Thats not going to help our SOS , nor do they have 30,000 fans.

  11. Anonymous

    You’re right about the Terp fans, but they still enjoyed the game and would love to have the rivalry back. Too many William and Mary and FIU strange choices. And they swapped WVU for Cal…hmmm.

    We’ve never worried about our SOS.

    UVa would be great, but MD isn’t just a geographic rival it goes deeper to a lot of people who saw it in the 60s and before. It goes beyond football and that’s what is said about the inability to make it happen.

  12. thebirddog

    You “anonymous” people are all confusing me!

    Again, you can’t get wrapped up in the “snub” comments. They’re a smokescreen meant to tell Yow to back off. After reading what Wagner had to say, it’s clear that Chet meant business from the beginning. Chet’s doing everything that fans on all sides have asked for, so I don’t see why anyone should be criticizing him. Only after word of the deals that Maryland turned down became public do we have Yow backtracking.

  13. Anonymous

    I’m sorry. I wasn’t actually in the negotiations (nor was Wagner) so it’s all speculation. I also blindly believe that Chet is perfect and that Navy bears no responsibility whatsoever for the proposed game contract to fall apart. Please.

  14. thebirddog

    Yes, I’m saying this all blindly. I’m sure it’s just some sort of fortuitous coincidence that Debbie Yow decided to put aside that very important deadline of hers after it was revealed that, contrary to what she was telling the papers, Navy was indeed working with her to put a game together. Two games, even!

    And it’s not like Chet was the guy who finally broke a 40-year boycott to make the game happen in the first place, right? Why should he deserve any kind of a benefit of the doubt?

    Maybe you want to see this game happen regardless of the terms, but I don’t. Neither do the people who get paid to do what’s best for the Naval Academy. Simply being on the same field as Maryland isn’t some huge favor to Navy. I would EXPECT Chet to turn Maryland down if the terms aren’t up to his standards.

  15. Huck Finn

    I could care less if Maryland is on the schedule. I’ve got no emotional attachment to the team. The only motivator to schedule a school like Maryland is money for both sides, and if the terms aren’t right for Navy we can find someone else to play.

    I’ve been to one Maryland football game in my entire life, and I didn’t pay for a ticket that day. I can go another 50 years without giving money to Maryland football.

    To me, it’s got to be a game that benefits Navy (either in $$$ or recruiting), not the other way around.

  16. 4thDown

    Completely disagree with money/recruiting being the only reason to play MD. Our coffers are well stocked and we generally go after guys way outside the region.

    The majority of fans on both sides would like to see this game happen again and there were plenty of good feelings to go around in September 2005 (or so I heard, I was in the desert). Maybe not a yearly series, but a continuation nonetheless.

    If terms of the deal ludicrously favor one or the other team (i.e. game at Byrd followed by Baltimore or some other monetary nod to MD) then of course it’s not wise to follow through regardless of how emotionally attached some of us might be.

    And if by taking the negotiations to the media it forced a re-thinking, then bravo. If they make it work and duplicate what happened in 2005 then all this hand-wringing and finger pointing was worth it. I want to see Navy play the most intriguing schedule and win. Does anybody from Navy clamor to play North Texas or Northern Illinois or Bowling Green? No. Is any Terp fan eager to play Middle Tennessee State or Eastern Michigan? Um, no.

  17. Huck Finn

    And 4th, that’s exactly why I think we shouldn’t play Maryland. There is no added recruiting value, so unless the money terms are right forget it. I don’t care what Maryland fans want, and there are many of us Navy fans that don’t have any desire to play Maryland.

  18. GoalieLax

    I was the anonymous poster that started with “screw that”…forgot to put my name in

    i would have gone with some stronger language, as UMD always deserves it, but firgured there could be kids reading this


  19. Gary

    Maybe true SOS overall is meaningless to a service academy-but not to those who look at it as an indicator of performance.
    Instead of the Towsons and other MAC teams Navy should be trying to upgrade a bit and get mid-lower level ACC teams and what happened to Northwestern and Vandy?
    If Army played BC ( and fairly well ) why not us?
    Any fan would prefer to see teams they all know instead of “somewhere State U”.
    To me a Maryland game is one that screams “road trip” to many of us outside MD.
    Lets just say I am not making early reservations for Towson,GA Southern,Western KY.

  20. thebirddog

    Strength of schedule means absolutely nothing unless you want to get a BCS at-large bid. That isn’t exactly on the radar screen. I haven’t seen us go undefeated against these “weaker” schedules, so why would we want to start making them stronger? We obviously have our hands full as is. Who do you want to impress? ESPN talking heads? They aren’t the ones who get us to bowl games or buy our season tickets. Those are the people who really matter, and they want to win. If you want to crow about a strong schedule while getting crushed by it and sitting at home during bowl season, I can think of another team you’d be happier rooting for…

    You might want Northwestern and Vandy, but it takes two to tango. Do you think that those teams want to schedule us? They’re under enormous pressure to get bowl-eligible and don’t want to be scheduling possible losses out of conference. Why do you think UConn dropped us? Besides, we’re already playing Rutgers, Pitt, Notre Dame, and Wake Forest. How many more do you want?

    As for Maryland, the game was never an annual rivalry even before Fishman, and I don’t see why it should be now. Playing once every 3-4 years is fine, but we don’t need to be adding an annual contest with a BCS state school. It sets us up for failure.

  21. 4thDown

    I’m not advocating a Notre Dame-like monster of a sked, that’s stupid. MD is beatable and a game every few years would satisfy all parties and keep a good amount of flexibility. I think it’s too broad of a statement to say an annual contest with a BCS school is cause for failure, look at how the mighty have fallen this past year alone. Scholarship limits are showing themselves (no, I won’t use the word “parity” either). And Rutgers is quickly becoming an ugly scene off the field (N-star stomping in 04, this past year’s shenanigans, etc) so they should just go away to the NJ swamps.

  22. thebirddog

    None of the mighty are falling at the hands of Navy. We are a service academy. Maybe we’ll pull off an upset or two here and there, but it doesn’t make sense to schedule regular games that we’ll almost always be the underdog in. Favorites are favorites for a reason.

  23. 4thDown

    So you disagree with the schedule this year with ND, Pitt, Wake, Rutgers, and Duke? Teams go up and teams go down, no one thought ND would ever be this bad OR Rutgers and Wake this good.

    Let’s just drop down to I-AA and compete for a national championship so we’ll be the favorite and avoid your “underdog” worry.

  24. thebirddog

    No, I’m saying that ND, Pitt, Wake, Rutgers, and Duke are enough and we don’t need to add more. And of those, only Notre Dame is an annual game.

  25. Rob

    Honestly, I’d be ecstatic if we hung out in the 20-35 rank range year to year, had a major upset once or twice a decade, and navy got into the top ten once in the next 25 years.

  26. 4thDown

    Alright, I’ll buy that this year’s BCS load is enough. I’m suggesting rotate MD into that mix to keep some sort of respectable sked.

  27. thebirddog

    I agree. I wasn’t there, but everything I’ve heard about the 2005 game tells me that it was too good not to do it again on occasion.

  28. Gary

    I agree with Rob and there is no reason why we couldnt make that range-other than we just arent good enough.
    But it should be a consideration/goal and even Clint Sovie said Top 25 is a target for him..
    You dont get noticed by upsetting a Delaware or Ball State if you are the dog.
    Its like when George Welsh took over and immediately they went down and started playing Yales-William & Marys- etc……..
    Sure nice records but??????????????????
    We wont have the P Bowl to fall back on anymore either (correct?).
    I too want to see that dramatic-shake the world upset…does that totally matter? No but to me as a fan and other fans here- when is it our turn to get that Rutgers-Louisville-South Florida moment?
    But logic (and voice of reason) can say=- ok heres your moment- now what about your losing season with no Bowl game?
    I guess we have to be happy as we are knowing Chet is working the schedule to the best of our ability.
    We need that $17M and BDG is right and smart knowing we wont get them by going too tough.
    But just a bit tougher- get Syracuse(rumor says Army is) and Northwestern-Vandy should be saying- theres a team we can beat-as well as we say the same (that great Nwestn game stands out).
    I too sat through one suicide mission – GA Tech 70-7.
    Its still good to see so many opinions on this-the place has come alive.

  29. Anonymous

    Well, I’m glad to see that all parties are going to get together again according to The Capital tonight (and may I applaud the bennies of an afternoon paper…I missed it so in previous locales).

    May all targets be hit with regards to money, venues, timing, etc. No need for a 25 year annual contract, just one or two in the years to come and no hard feelings if one team chooses to play in another bowl than the other one. The series dates back a 100 years, but doesn’t have to be 100 years straight.

  30. 4thDown

    I love it. 30 miles apart and miscommunication out the wazzoo.

    C’mon, let’s just get the mIRC chat going and maybe a VTC. That’s how we fight the war so why not football negotiations?

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