It Ends

I was born in America’s finest city, San Diego. My childhood consisted of summer days at the beach. I remember my first Padres game and my first Chargers game. I graduated from a good high school. I was sworn in on I-Day, and 10 months later I climbed Herndon. I was commissioned on a glorious May morning in 1999. I reported to my first ship. I felt the excitement of pulling into my first foreign port in Palermo, Italy. I’ve returned from two extended deployments. I earned my surface warfare pin. I married the woman of my dreams on a beautiful summer night, on a yacht sailing the Potomac and overlooking Washington’s monuments. I was present for the birth of both of my children. My brother found a miraculous match on the bone marrow donor list that allowed him to beat leukemia. I have been unbelievably blessed, and have experienced far more than my fair share of wonderful things.

But today is the happiest day of my life.

9 thoughts on “It Ends

  1. HunkerDawg


    Wow! I’ve only been following Navy football for a few years and I have to say I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited or happier after seeing a team win. So I know you “old-timers” are beyond ecstatic.

    That was incredible!

  2. Kate

    What bliss! I was in a meeting all afternoon and came home in the middle of the 2nd OT. Who will ever forget Reggie, all 5’6″ of him, first backing into the endzone with that catch and then Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada (I’d write his middle hyphenated name too if I could remember it) hitting Reggie’s hands again for the 2 pt. conversion?
    Who will ever forget Paul Johnson’s elation, far and away above his usual calm satisfaction, as Navy defense held off ND’s 2nd attempt at the 2pt? WHo will ever forget the class act of both teams standing for the other’s alma mater or Johnson and Weis walking off the field together? Not I. Never.

  3. Chris

    Congrats to all the Middies. I had to choose a team for ND to lose to, it would have to be Navy. Class act, fans and players alike.

    ND ’08

  4. football dad dan

    My sentiments exactly … What a glorious win … albeit an unbelievable “emotional roller coaster” to get to that final outcome.
    Been at it since my Plebe Summer (in 1973), … so got a butt-ton of Navy experiances (both operational & football) for over 30 years now. With this “official” conquest of the Irish, … my younger son need only to score a TD against Army (either this year, or the next) … and I can die a HAPPY MAN!

  5. Gary

    We finally got our day in the sun.
    PJ got his signature win.
    I hope the Supe gives some serious liberty to the entire Brigade!

    Ram Vela RULES!
    My that picture of him flying over that mountain of a ND lineman taking down Sharpley forever be etched in our memories.
    That was the UTLIMITE display of “will against power”.
    Incredible game no matter what the records.
    Major kudos to Weiss and the ND players for their display of class.

  6. GoalieLax

    I set my alarm for 8:45 am after not being able to get to sleep till 2am (post-rollback of the clocks)


    because I’m watching the game again!

  7. Gary

    BTW My most heartfelt and sincere congratulatiions to all you salty SOB`s that had the privilege of attending and graduating from Annapolis (especially you Navy football players) and to any parent out there who is fortunate enough to call your child a Midshipman.
    You guys/gals are what makes this country great and may the joy of this moment you all share-last forever and ever.
    God bless all the past-present-current Midshipmen- you all rock!

  8. Herbal'90

    I’ve been waiting for this day since Plebe Year. When it finally did happen we’re underway, but we did get to see the game live. What a dramatic way to get it done. Those seniors have a lot to be proud of. My favorite part of the story line is that the defense got it done in the end with pure heart and aggression. Awesome vertical sack! Great penetration of the line. Oh, and no one on this ship thought it was pass interference. 5000 can’t be wrong. Congrats to the team and the Brigade, and many thanks to coach Johnson for building a great program.

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