The Fallout

I said that a Navy win would be a media bonanza, and here it is:

Mids end 43 years of losing

Ecstatic Navy finally has something to shout about

Bury the hatchet job: I’m here to praise Navy and classy Charlie

ND Torpedoed

Party Time in T-Court!

Irish sink to new low

Beating ND even stops topping Army

Navy earned its victory over ND

ND Woeful, but Navy’s win still big

Now, nothing really matters

Wow, what a game

4 thoughts on “The Fallout

  1. Navy97

    So the Sup canceled classes today because the football team beat Notre Dame. Does that mean the Vinson Carrier Group gets to cancel its 7-month deployment? I’m all for the cancelling classes but I think it is completely contradictory to the message the Supe has been sending the rest of the year. What does this mean? That going to away football games is not how we should spend our time, but we’ll cancel classes for a football win. Does it mean that we should cancel MAGs because they take time from learining and professional development, but then cancel classes for the accomplishment of the football team?
    Once again, I think the Supe should have done this given the historical context and the obvious motivation boost to the brigade. I just think he should reconsider how this looks in relation to his other policies. This could lead to the same problems that were around under RADM Lynch, that the football team is more important than everyone and everything else.

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