Commence Worrying

All this talk about Paul Johnson going to Nebraska, Texas A&M, or SMU was pretty much a joke to me. This, however, is not. Georgia Tech has apparently fired Chan Gailey. I didn’t think they’d want to pay his buyout, but I guess that wasn’t an obstacle. Can Tech lure PJ back to Georgia? Hopefully they’re more interested in Jimbo Fisher instead.

22 thoughts on “Commence Worrying

  1. thebirddog

    I have no concern about Duke at all. That’s the kind of job he could get straight out of Georgia Southern. He didn’t resurrect Navy so he could end up at Duke.

    I have no idea how interested the GT people are, and I’m not sure they’ll be able to pay the kind of money that PJ already makes at Navy. But their familiarity with what he did at GSU– particularly the boosters’ familiarity– makes me think that they’d be more receptive to running his offense. Hopefully that isn’t the case.

  2. 85er

    This dance really depends upon Johnson’s personality. If Johnson feels that he has taken Navy as far as it can go (dominance over the sister academies and a victory over ND) and that he needs a new challenge, Ga Tech may be a good fit.
    If, on the other hand, Johnson recognizes that (1) goodwill of the type and magnitude of the goodwill he enjoys at Navy is hard to come by and hard to build; (2) Navy can and will get even better, particularly with the emergence of some of the recent recruits; (3) while not as talented, mids are much easier to coach than some of the derelicts that enroll at other schools; and (4) the pay and lifestyle in Annapolis ain’t bad at all, then he is likely to stay.
    I don’t know Paul Johnson, but I think the latter position is fairly compelling. Any chance that Uncle Chet will preempt all of this with an increase in pay?

  3. Looks like Arkansas has let Nutt go. What is it with this week and all these coaches being let go? I understand the Duke thing, but if Butch Davis takes a job at UNC, anything is possible.

  4. Rob

    I think it really depends on what PJ thinks he’ll be able to accomplish next year. For starters, the Offense should but just as good, if not better. If PJ feels the defense will be much improved, it is possible that Navy could run the table. Rutgers, Wake, Pitt and ND stand in the way. Wake was winnable this year. Rutgers was much closer than the score with those endzone picks we gave them. Had some things gone differently, it would have at least been a nailbiter. We can beat Pitt. ND next year?? They don’t get a bye week before us for the first time forever and they won’t be playing Army first either. We get them coming off what should be a tough game for them against BC. Could you imagine the press PJ would get going 10-0 or 9-1 next year? Beating ND twice in a row with NAVY…. PJ’s stock would never be higher. IF he stays at Navy, it will be because he thinks he can do better next year. I think he goes after next year.

    People have goals. I think PJ has loftier ones than the Academies can help him achieve.

  5. Huck Finn

    Didn’t PJ actually go and speak at a luncheon or something at GT earlier this year? I also heard they’re auctioning off a signed PJ Navy football for charity. I would venture he has at least some desire to return to the state of GA, and GT could certainly use the boost. GT is the school to watch if someone will snag a Paul Johnson from Navy this year.

    When I think of PJ’s scenario in the same terms as a tour in the Navy, he’s got to be ready to move. He’s gotten the #1 double-tap fitrep (beating USAFA and USMA repeatedly), completed his JPME (beat ND), and got his master’s degree (multiple bowl games). The man has all the right tickets to PCS to the next duty station.

    It’s really a question of what PJ wants. If he “loves coaching, period,” does he want to stay at Navy or go to a program where he can compete for a national title? While I think we’ve treated him as well as he’s treated us, I think PJ will leave after this season to GT. And if he does, there won’t be any hard feelings from this fan.

  6. thebirddog

    I’ve backed away from the ledge after reading why Chan Gailey was fired.

    “Obviously, he didn’t agree with the decision, but he understood there’s a business aspect to this,” Radakovich said. “There’s people who enjoy doing that part of the business of being a head coach, and some that don’t. As far as Xs and Os, Chan is a very good coach. But there’s more to it now. College football is more than just Xs and Os, especially in the competitive market where we are.”

    LOL. No way PJ’s stepping into that gong show.

  7. Gary

    Whats the difference in all this worry?
    If it happens-it will happen and aint a thing that anyone writes that can alter that course of history if PJ decides to take the GT job.
    Why not concentrate on troucing Army again-getting another CIC and then onto another Bowl game?

    BTW- Is it me or should we not be playing AIR FORCE as per what the P Bowl considerations were for a Navy opponent?
    I think we have more of a story if it is determined that despite AF being the # 2 ranked MW team-they take a New Mexico or Utah instead.
    Then we can wonder if that move was predicated by Navy not wanting to let AF have another shot at them.
    Because as far as I see it the P Bowl should now be Navy VS Air Force and whats wrong with that?

  8. Navy86

    Everything is wrong with having a rematch in a bowl game. We have nothing to gain and everything to lose – we beat them once already in case you forgot.

    Bowls don’t like rematches. Fans don’t like spending beaucoup $$$ to see a game they saw three months ago unless it’s for a BCS championship.

    No thanks. AFA had their chance on Sept. 29 and they lost. See you next year.

  9. Gary

    Oh well-belay that stuff about AF as I now see that I am behind the times and AF took the Armed Forces Bowl.
    I hope then its Utah as we never faced them before and New Mexico is a “yawnnnnnnnnnnn”.

    But doesnt their choice of the Armed Forces Bowl on New Years Day make it more enticing than playing on Dec 20th when NOBODY will be watching other than us Navy die hards?

  10. football dad dan

    Navy86 is exactly right on all three counts. Your memory must be failing you because I “pontificated” on all those points and more not all that long ago when the subject first surfaced after some interview w/ the AFA coach. Don’t want to place a grey/tainted cloud (or have it “questioned”) over the rightful owner of the CIC Trophy should Navy lose to AF in that bowl game.

  11. 85er

    Some irony in Birddog’s choice of graphics (see above). Global warming is the “acid rain” scare of this decade; ten years from now we will chuckle at the over-the-top hype, the Nobel Peace Prize to Algore, etc. Let’s hope that the panic surrounding PJ’s departure is driven by similar hyperbolics.

  12. Gary

    FB Dad-Thats true my memory about that very issue with AF as P Bowl opponent in prior discussions escaped my mind.
    But that was even made more pointless with AF taking the Armed Forces Bowl spot before I even wrote it.
    Also who here seriously thinks PJ would leave yet?
    Maybe thats denial on our part but count me among those who think he will be here at least another 3 years.
    By then JB would have long graduated and we will be no doubt embroiled in some other QB contraversy…or not?
    Its the beauty of guys like BD and Adam having these great voice box blogs.
    I fully defend my right to be wrong or to make no sense comments and I approve this message.

  13. football dad dan

    Good thing that we all live in this great country that allows us this “freedom of speech” lattitude. (o;

    Your query about AFA/P-Bowl seemed to “beg a reply”, … and subsequent posts just “closed the book” on why it wasn’t a good option? Armed Forces Bowl possibly a little more “prestigious” than the P-Bowl (at least by the bowl date standard???), … but Navy had previously (2004/5) signed a contract w/ the P-Bowl folks, … and I’m guessing were somewhat obligated to honor it. Problem being an Independant, … there is no guarentee that a bowl offer may be forthcoming, … especially with almost all of these bowl bids being tied into various conferences.
    Just fyi, … I did field your latest concern about JB getting “snubbed” by PJ on the PITCHRIGHT “NIU @ Navy” post.
    My lunch break is over… adios.


  14. thebirddog

    Not that it has anything to do with the topic at hand, but as far as the Mountain West is concerned the Poinsettia Bowl picks before the Armed Forces Bowl. The real measure of “prestige” though is the payout, and both games pay the same.

  15. football dad dan

    Apologize for straying from the topic at hand on this post, … but it’s hard to resist the urge to “re-educate” our good friend Gary when he yearns for attention. How could any decent person ignore one of “Jerry’s kids”??? (o; (o;
    Mahalo for the info though.


  16. Gary

    FB Dad/BD/Adam
    I live for Navy football and have since 1966 and my experiences on these blogs is nothing but pure fun and educational.
    To be involved with Academy graduates and parents/relatives-all forms of Navy fans is such a great experience.
    To me the essence of a true good guy is to be able to sit back and say…gee you know those other guys are right and take the hit and make some humor out of it.
    Way too many of these things turn into pissing matches because of soft skin.
    For the record my eventual goal (at age 53) is to work here in NY/NJ for 6 more years and retire to Annapolis and have 4 season tickets for my family and if I can get a job @ NMC in any full time w benefits capacity-I have hit my nirvana.
    Its gonna be tough (and the Mrs is already fine with it) and stars have to align and timing happen but it is a real goal I look forward to.
    To hear stories from you Academy grads and fan travelers to road games is such a high and I only wish for a more intense louder NMC and more Bowls for PJ.

    For the DC Bowl name -how about the DCFreedom Bowl?

  17. thebirddog

    I remember watching San Diego State play in the old Freedom Bowl in Anaheim years ago. Hard for me to remember the Aztecs being good…

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