32 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. knine

    My heart is heavy having lived through the greatest run for Navy football since the 60s. One thing is certain we must continue to run the triple option…the question then becomes who will be our head coach??

  2. GoalieLax

    Well, my guess is KN if he’ll stay. but there’s also Mike Sewak who did a good job with the TO before GSU decided to go more pro (and thus fall flat)

  3. 85er

    Navy should send Johnson on in style. We owe him our gratitude and best wishes. Hope the players give him a positive reaction.
    We all knew that at some point, this would happen. Something tells me that CG already has someone in mind; KN sounds like a good choice.

  4. If KN goes with Johnson, then I think Sewak would be the logically choice since he took over for Johnson at GS. Anybody know what he’s doing now? A Google of him didn’t bring up anything recent.

  5. Navy86

    [gary]Now JB can take his rightful place as the #1 QB![/gary]

    (sorry – couldn’t resist)

    Sewak would be a mistake, IMO. So would Tim Stowers. We have to go for KN first.

  6. Matt

    It seems we all agree that we need to stick with our option system. I really think KN will stay here and try to carry on the legacy. It makes almost too much sense . . .

  7. j holla

    It should be Coach Green he has the most experience and is the best recruiter on the STAFF trust me that is a big deal Kids wanna play for him KN may stay anyway even if he doesnt get it !! Who ever is saying Tim Stowers for the job knows nothing about the game trust me i sent 2 kids to RIU the guy is NOT A GOOD HEAD FOOTBALL COACH not for Navy maybe as an OC BUT NOT HC IT SHOULD BE GREEN THE GUY IS LEGIT FOOTBALL WISE AND LIFE WISE IS A SOLID GUY !! IF THE AD IS SMART HE KEEPS GREEN !! I am friends with 3 guys on the staff and they all love Green they would stay if he got it trust me !!

  8. bigrichie


  9. 4thDown

    17 years (or thereabouts) of PJ coaching-style rubbing off on KN is both a blessing and a curse. This is all assuming he gets the nod, by the way, but it might take a while to break free from PJ’s shadow. Agree the TO is perfectly for our horses in the barn.

  10. j holla

    U guys r not looking at the big picture KN is only gonna leave in a couple of years just like Johnson Hire GREEN he stays and retires from this job and Keeps the winning tradition going Plus Green as got friends on ever staff across the country he could put a great staff together that to me is most important thats what gets the kids to come here guys with a great resume recruiting them.. Green recruited Terell Owens n Torry Holt and even coached at auburn when Bo Jackson was there trust me there is def a couple of guys playing football here at NAVY Because of that if ur question is y then I will tell ya when a coach come to your house and your parents dont know much about the recruiting game that sounds pretty nice to hear !! U SAY WOW THIS GUY KNOWS HIS STUFF I am telling u this would keep navy humming along !! HE WOULD PUT A GREAT STAFF TOGETHER AND KEEP GETTING BETTER KIDS.I HOPE IT IS HIM AND KN STAYS AS THE OC BEST OPTION i think !! go GREEN

  11. 85er

    I’d be surprised if KN would take an assistant job at GaTech and in PJ’s shadow over being the head guy at Navy. KN has been at Navy longer than PJ; his roots are a bit deeper.
    I like Green personally, and given the inconsistency of the defense, I had assumed that he would be working someplace else next year. (They made big plays against ND, NIU, and Army, but N. Tex was a debacle.) Looking at the strong finish against Army, I tend to chalk the bad games up to injuries and inexperience.
    Would Green stay on as Asst Head Coach/D Coordinator?
    A more immediate question: who coaches the bowl game?

  12. Matt

    If we do not keep KN then the run is over once the class of 2009 graduates.

    Our defense has been okay for most of the past five years, but we are where we are because of offense.

    Hire KN!!!!

  13. Funny how he said he left because he wanted to win a National Title. I love Paul Johnson, but he was asked that question last week at the postgame conference and basically said the exact opposite thing. Still, it doesn’t change my opinion of him. God Bless the man and God help us.

  14. j holla


    Sorry but u r 1000 percent wrong look at most of the great Reruits they have all been Greens guys he owns the south and now he is getting kids from the north There r plenty of great option coaches in the country and Green Knows them all Hire Green and the tradition will continue ask the former players which coach got them fired up and ready to play Green will be the name they mention I talk to guys like Caldwell , and Scott all the time they say Green is intence U JUST DONT HAVE THE FEEL FOR THE TEAM IF U SAY HIRE KN OR WE WILL SUFFER I agree KN IS A QUALITY COACH BUT GREEN IS A QUALITY MAN and a great coach OUR D WAS IN THE TOP 25 IN 04 AND IN 05 06 WAS A PLUS WATCH THE BOWL GAME FROM LAST YEAR WHAT PART OF THE TEAM WAS READY TO GO !!


  15. bigrichie


    I played at Navy from 02 to 04 with this staff Jholla knows what he is saying The palyers love Green he is a football guy I remember TO coming to see him at practice one year this Guys knows the Game and respect of everyone in it hire GREEN

  16. Shaun

    Buddy Green should coach Navy and possibly make Navy into a pass/run team. The reason we need that change is because not many coaches just run the ball all the time. Our recruiting sucks but Navy will live the dream of a BCS berth. PJ I am sad and happy that PJ is leaving, this day was coming. He did so many things this season that wasn’t done since 1963. He leaves at the right time before a bowl game that he helped give us to enjoy. If KN stays then he might be coaching over Green due to the fact that hes been waiting for a shot for so many years. My choice Buddy Green.

    GO NAVY!!! WE WILL BE FINE…..fans don’t leave Navy hanging because we lost PJ……we might be even a better team in the future. Our National TV time and wins might help us better in recruiting.

  17. “PJ I am sad and happy that PJ is leaving”

    How can you in any way be happy with PJ leaving? KN should be the coach. Keep Buddy Green on the staff if you think he’s such a great recruiter, but your lying to yourself if you don’t think one of the major reasons kids came to Navy was because of PJ.

    Anyone know the status of Coach Monk?

  18. j holla


    I played for 4 years had no idea who Johnson was before i got there i found out once i got there!! But BUDDY GREEN SOLD ME ON NAVY NOT JOHNSON COACH PJ IS NOT THAT WARM OF GUY !! U WANNA WIN GREEN IS THE GUY

  19. j holla,

    You know better than me, but from what I’ve heard BG is also not what you would call a “warm guy.” You have a valid point about BG as a guy who can recruit the defensive side of the ball, but I just don’t see how you can say “oh well” in regards to PJ leaving, especially in regards to how the defense has played for much of the year. Last I checked BG didn’t field the Nation’s number one rushing team!

  20. Non Illegitimus Carborundum

    I say, listen to the players, they have the greatest loyalty to the team and perspective on what the environment is like and should be. Chet should listen to the players and player alumni for trusted advice and input into the process. Reach out to the alumni network, give Roger a call….I know the player alumni believes we can make this a sustainable top program in the country.

    PJ was great and great for Navy, but he was just an enabler with one perspective on how to succeed at Navy. There are other perspectives, other ways to win, and frankly, better coaches out there.

    If PJ felt he needed to move on from Navy to take his coaching success to the “next level”, then I say thank you, farewell and best of luck. That’s the beauty of success in America.

    For Navy, there is more to accomplish…..an undefeated season (which would very likely gain an at-large BCS bowl berth) and with that, sustainable rankings in the top 20 year in and year out. More is possible, just as Air Force has demonstrated in “modern” times. We can find a top coach that fits the mold that Chet describes, one who believes this is the best place in the country to coach, with the best players, broader school environment, and support from fans, alumni, and the fleet. Let’s keep building this program as truly, America’s team.

  21. Gary

    You know thats the first thing I thought about (Its JB time)….seriously couldnt resist and enjoy the playful back and forth.

    My feelings are that we have been left in the best shape we could have been (remember the wake of Chaumperbie?) and that all we need is to stay focused and dedicate this Utah game to PJ and THAT would show our gratitude.
    The next Coach?
    I see and hear that Coach N would be the logical choice so we should go with that logic hoping that he was a piece of PJ that he left behind and the success continues.
    You know I am sure all of West Point may think the “jinx” has left but here is the fact-
    ITS THE PLAYERS STUPID and the streak shall continue.
    I do have one Christmas wish and that be may God -KEEP THIS ADMINISTRATIONS FRIGGIN HANDS OUT OF THE NAVY FOOTBALL PROGRAM and only fully support everything that is needed and wanted in the best interests of the Academy success.
    This was a fruitful era for Navy but I also cant help but think that PJ also went through some tough moments this year with the new supe that showed he did not have the full support he expected and was deserving of.
    As always I remain—-JB (nahhhhh couldnt stop it)
    God Bless The Midshipmen!

  22. Wanna say good luck to KN I guess I understand y they made this move If Green stays on and gets moved up to assit head coach as Wagner has said in his blog u get the best of both worlds most of the staff stays here and the O stays humming along I get it. As NAVY FOOTBALL fans lets get behind KN and move into the future which i think will bring more winning and more bowl games AND MAYBE AN UNDEFEATED SEASON LETS GO NAVY . LETS STOP CRYING OVER PJ HE IS NOT LOOKING BACK NEITHER SHOULD WE

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