The Birddog Poinsettia Bowl Trip, Part 2

Yet another fine day in San Diego. Started with practice in the morning, followed it up with lunch with my sister in Old Town and a spin around my old neighborhoods, and finished with Navy basketball vs. San Diego State.

I didn’t take any pictures until after practice ended. I’m not going to be revealing any state secrets here. I will say that I continue to marvel at the efficiency of a Division I football practice. That, and Coach Spencer is a loud dude. And Scott Strasemeier gave me a copy of the bowl guide, which was pretty sweet. Anyway, there were a few post-practice interviews going on, starting with The Man:

Reggie got in on the act:

As did Coach Green:

After practice, I headed out to lunch. Old Town is like the Mecca of Mexican food. Well, except for Mexico, anyway.

Later on, it was on to the basketball game:

You can’t tell because of the awesome blurry picture I took, but there was a sizable Navy contingent.

Greg Sprink is, and always shall be, the man.

Your typical student section:

Billy coachin’ em up:

We were actually leading for a long time!

There are days when you really appreciate the goat. Today was one of those days.

Sprink on defense:

Billy again:

The pinnacle of creativity. OMG TEH GO ARMEEZ. OH NOES!

The game was actually pretty good. I assume a lot of you saw it on CSTV. I really wanted to win. SDSU came out showboating bigtime with some ridiculous dunk and alley-oop attempts. They obviously didn’t respect Navy much as a team. It was nice to make them sweat a little. One bad stretch in the 2nd half pretty much did us in. But Navy played a good game.

4 thoughts on “The Birddog Poinsettia Bowl Trip, Part 2

  1. HunkerDawg

    Phat –

    This is unrelated to the above, but think you were talking about old Navy football programs here (or maybe on the msg board). Anyway, saw this on the With Leather sports blog – thought you may be interested…

    Save some gauc and salsa (and margaritas) for the rest of us! Thanks for the updates.

    Go Navy!

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