The Birddog Poinsettia Bowl Trip, Part 3


Sorry it took so long for me to get around to part three here. I have been extremely busy, and it has been extremely fun.

By the way, I’m staying with my friend Tom. Tom says he wants all the single ladies out there to know how good of a host he is and how cool his place is. Anyway, on to the pictures.

Here’s Coach Niumat addressing the team ofter practice on Tuesday:

OJ & Reggie schmoozing with the P-Bowl rep:

Bill Wagner gets paid to do this.

A few of the players had to pay for their transgressions after practice:

After practice, I headed downtown to take a tour of Petco Park:

Feel free to take this one down any day now, Padres:

Here’s a view of the California Tower in Balboa Park from inside the ballpark:

I got there about an hour after the press conference to announce the signing of 2B Tadahito Iguchi:

Mr. Padre:

Visitor’s clubhouse:

I just thought this was funny. It’s at the entrance to the clubhouse:

This is just to make my brothers jealous:

Looking back from the “Park at the Park:”

The world’s most expensive billboard. When I’m named Grand High Llama of California, doing this to a Lamborghini will be illegal:

McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc saved baseball in San Diego. Padres Hall of Fame Broadcaster Jerry Coleman is the only major league player to have seen combat in two wars (WWII & Korea).

Yesterday was the Poinsettia Bowl luncheon on the Midway. The spread wasn’t as impressive as some of the other bowl luncheons I’ve been to, but Lou Holtz was a better speaker than any of those other luncheons.

Both coaches had some nice, gracious comments.

Kenny also had a lot to say about how special his players were.

How’s that football stadium coming, Mr. Mayor?

My father was CO of VF-143, so I had to take this picture. World Famous Pukin’ Dogs:

I think this is a former Miss California. If not, then I’m just some creepy stalker taking pictures of random women from a distance:

OK, so I’m out the door to go tailgate now. Go Navy.

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