Like any good Navy fan, I am on the NAAA mailing list. Since you are all good Navy fans like I am, you probably received the same e-mail that I did yesterday– the one containing a press release announcing CBS College Sports’ college football coverage for the 2008 season. It starts out well enough, highlighting the new Inside College Football show that I assume will replace Crystal Ball. But then you get to the end, where next year’s game broadcasters are announced:

CBS College Sports Network returns top talent to broadcast the action this season. Former Notre Dame and NFL offensive lineman Aaron Taylor rejoins the network as a game and studio analyst. Taylor began his broadcasting career with CBS College Sports Network (then CSTV) in 2003.  Taylor teams up with play-by-play announcer Carter Blackburn to broadcast the action throughout the season.

In addition, Trev Alberts returns as a game and studio analyst and will be paired with play-by-play voice Tom Hart.  Former University of Texas and NFL linebacker Brian Jones returns as a studio analyst, along with former University of Georgia All-American David Pollack, who again serves as the network¹s SEC football expert.

At first, I assumed that it was a mistake on the part of CBS to forget to add the Pete Medhurst-Scott Zolak team for Navy games. Unfortunately, it was not. Pete Medhurst, who has been doing Navy football on TV since the HDNet days, will not be calling games on TV this year.

Horrible, horrible move, CBS. Pete is the television voice of Navy football. Nobody is more prepared. I hope the WNAV internet feed syncs up with the TV this year.


12 Responses

  1. WNAV stream….volume up….TV on mute.

  2. If you could just take Bob’s thesaurus away…

  3. This blows. Time to figure out how sync up the Tivo with Bob and Omar.

  4. Nice picture collection, but it’s painful to re-live those ’70s images of my favorite baseball team in shorts. (That’s Minnie Minoso coaching 1st base!)

  5. Nice going, you made me laugh out loud with the Neville Chamberlain reference. I personally liked Pete Medhurst doing Navy games.

    Inside College Football? Come up with a more bland name for a show, why don’t you guys at the network formerly known as CSTV. Hopefully they won’t change the format of Crystal Ball too much.

  6. Isn’t that Neville Obama, or Barack Chamberlain?

  7. Minnie Minoso? I know a hooker named Minnie Mazola.

  8. No relation to your , er, friend. Minnie was, I believe, the first black player for the Sox. 7-time All Star, he became the oldest ballplayer (57) to take an at-bat in the major leagues in 1980. Played some minor league ball in the ’90s and, yes, made a pinch-hit appearance in 2003 for the St. Paul Saints (Northern League) to become the only man to play professional baseball in seven different decades.

  9. That was a quote from the Blues Brothers.

  10. My wife tells me I’m lost when it comes to fine art.

  11. Great post. The Ryan Leaf reset, and CHAMBERLAIN.


    Blackburn and Hart will get twisted in a not by the triple option.

    And Kaipo’s name.

    Brilliant CBS.

    What can we expect from the (ex) home of Dan Rather.

  12. KNOT, not NOT.


    Darned things. You can’t “modify”

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