Bill Wagner broke the news that Kaipo is sitting out practice with a bothersome hamstring. Those of you looking to jump off the Bay Bridge are going to be stuck in traffic for a while, since an 18-wheeler got a head start on you. (It isn’t known if the driver of the truck was motivated by the news). Too early to panic? Yeah, probably, although it’s bad enough that Kaipo went in for an MRI and might miss the opener. Hamstrings are the kind of thing that tend to linger, so who knows how long this will last.  Jarod Bryant has moved backfrom practicing full-time at A-back to quarterback.

The coaches have a lot of confidence in Jarod Bryant. And given the recent trend of Navy seniors rising to the starting quarterback role, it’s hard not to. Still, even the most hard-core of the Hoover High School Fan Club (Annapolis Chapter) would admit that the offense is best served when Kaipo and Jarod are BOTH on the field. Especially now, since Jarod had risen to the top of the slotback depth chart with injuries to Greg Shinego and Andre Byrd. While the coaches are apparently pleased with the performance of Cory Finnerty, it’s hard to believe that the slotbacks aren’t going to suffer when three of the top four players going into the season are either out or moved.

Bryant can do the job at quarterback, but he was really impressing people at slotback. That, and Kaipo is probably the best quarterback at Navy since Alton Grizzard. Hopefully it isn’t too long before we get them both on the field.


  1. thebirddog

    Well, our strength and conditioning coach hasn’t changed. It hasn’t been much of a problem in the past. Sometimes bad luck is just bad luck.

  2. Edgar

    I can’t see summer cruises helping any. They consistently screwed up our cross country offseason training plans when I was a varsity athlete a few years back

  3. Gary

    Guys- I DIDNT have anything to do with it in any …Hey wait you guys treat me like Toyna Harding!
    Sorry for the late thought-but I am at work and just spotted this now.
    While JB could do the job at QB that weakens up some of the other “all purpose” plans right?
    My worry this year was actually-who was the backup behind these 2 guys?

  4. 150Punts


    I wouldn’t blame summer cruises…kinda fits into that whole USMC/Naval officer thing that comes after our playing days are over.

    And besides, almost all football players cruised during early-mid May in Block 0. Blocks 1,2,3 were mostly “mando” summer school, leave and NAAA blockers.

  5. Guys are getting hurt left and right around the country. If anything, it has more to do with the physical nature of practice coupled with the 365 day a year “training for football” mindset. Frankly, we’re somehwat lucky this came about now and not in another month. Still time or Kaipo, Greg, and Andre to get healthy.

    I know we have some major talent coming up at slotback, but just because you can run fast doesn’t make you the ideal player at the position. I’d feel a lot better if Andre and Greg were back there with Shun.

  6. 70dave

    And now Wagner is reporting that Dobbs is banged up, but should be out only a few days. Too bad because he of all the QBs that might play needs the most practice reps.

  7. thebirddog

    This will probably get me killed, but I think Kaipo is better than McCoy. Now, if you want to argue that McCoy was better than Grizzard, I might be willing to listen.

  8. jgish92

    McCoy/Grizzard is a tough debate because Grizz didn’t have the benefit of PJ. He would’ve been a monster in a PJ offense. Without the ability to know how a PJ/Grizzard pairing would’ve been, I go McCoy, then Grizzard then Kaipo…….I think. Good debate.

  9. thebirddog

    It depends on your criteria. McCoy is more of the option quarterback prototype physically. He wasn’t all that fast, but he was fast enough to get the job done and crazy hard to tackle. Kaipo IS all that fast, but his feet aren’t as quick, which is the more important physical skill in this offense.

    On the other hand, Kaipo sees the game in slow motion. He reads things that only a QB with his experience can. I think people underestimate just how incredible our offense was last year, and just how much of it has everything to do with Kaipo. Decision making is the most important part of the quarterback’s job, and Kaipo is tops in that department.

  10. Gary

    Im a Jim Kubiak guy myself….but was a big fan of Mike McNallen too…
    Ahhhh sorry not many wins….
    I think Kaipo has it over McCoy too- he would have made that play to seal the deal vs Army on the one inch line and not miss that pass leading to 99 yards of pure agony.

  11. Cam

    Ah… Mike McNallen. Early 70’s and the “famous Navy pitchout”. Roll right or left with a running back following but, unfortunately, the ball was pitched about 5 yards behind the runner. If we were lucky, we recovered and lost 10-15 yds. Too often, though, we also lost the ball. I recall he was a good forward passer though.

  12. Gary

    Somethings wrong with my mind- it was Mike McNallen no? Dont ask me why when I got the media guide it was John?
    Has alzheimers really made its appearance here? I swear to God I recalled Mike….and it was John Cartwright-not that I know.

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