9 thoughts on “GREAT REFS

  1. chbags

    During the review of that call I promised all who could hear me in Section 2 that I was leaving the game in the back of a police car if it was not reversed.

  2. Dave'69

    Can you believe that at the close of the broadcast, this reversal of a ref’s bad call was deemed to be the “play of the game” according to CBS? Throughout the game their scroll of football scores included Navy-Rutgers scores that were about 5 minutes old. I really need to find a way to hook up my computer in my den and listen to the WNAV broadcast with the TV on mute.

  3. BCR9751

    Dave ’69 – I’m in complete agreement. The Sirius/WNAV broadcast is far superior. Omar is a great color guy, surprising since having sat behind Omar in Weapons, I didn’t know he could talk.

  4. Phil

    Being a ticket holder, I usually don’t watch the games on CBS CSN but after watching the replay of the game last night, Tom Hart has to rank up there as the worst broadcaster ever. Just the continual wrong names and not really paying attention to what was being called on the field was ridiculous.

  5. NavyJoe

    More on the refs — was there a legitimate hold on Navy’s first TD that was called back? The “H” ref called a hold at the 5 yd line. I have not seen a replay of the game, but from the All Access highlights it does not look like the WR holds the DB at the 5.

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